Here with you [Dramione]

Here with you [Dramione]

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" Ron! Stop it! I'm not ready for that yet!" Hermione shouted. " But I am" Ron whispered harshly...... 

What will happen next? Will someone come and save her? Or will Ron actually do something and make her life miserable? Read and find out in " Here with you"

Sorry for the bad discribtion, hope you enjoy reading it anyway :)

Theme song, Because you live, by Jesse McCartney

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zabs_2017 zabs_2017 Sep 09, 2017
You have to admit after reading this you wish he was dead before voldermort!?
hp_slytherin hp_slytherin Jun 13, 2017
Bïtch tuch her one more time and I will send a full army to kill you
LysandraTheWitch LysandraTheWitch Oct 23, 2017
What? Why? Ron..? Ugh..people change...but, when I read this part, THE SCENE IN THE FIRST MOVIE when they were in the train, n he was like MAKE THIS FAT RAT YELLOW..he was so INNOCENT! this fanfic just..sort of changed everything 😭
Kyuan13 Kyuan13 Jan 03
Why, in fan fictions on Dramione, do they make Ron seem so evil and mean?
Silverfox1574 Silverfox1574 Apr 22, 2017
I shipped dramione so hard....but she ended up with Ron(in the movie)
NathanielZAlexandria NathanielZAlexandria Mar 11, 2017  a pretty fast switch. Not saying that because he is not Draco or anything. It's just that this is really invasive for any relationship in my honest, ignorant opinion.