Marrying the Guy I Hate

Marrying the Guy I Hate

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Marrying the Guy I Hate is a about a girl named Katherine who has a boyfriend whose name is Charles. Unexpectedly, things got complicated. Unfortunately, she is getting married forcedly to the guy, Tyler, that ruined her happiness thus she hated so much. They will be living under the same roof to get to know each other 'til their wedding comes. Find out what will happen next! Will love develop between them? Will love still remain after all the consequences of the risk they have taken? Will it be a happy ending? Or a sad one?


Marrying the Guy I Hate
A story written by Teesh_the_Fish

dontcallmebaby_ dontcallmebaby_ Sep 22, 2017
Love? Love is only a word. Period. Forever. Joke wala palang poreber😒
KMJK_kaye97 KMJK_kaye97 Apr 09
love?? yan ung makakapagpasaya sayo pero yang love din na yan ang makakasakit sayo
Teesh_the_Fish Teesh_the_Fish May 29, 2014
@yoyoduelistsb17 Hahaha ^_^ Imagination lng po yun ni Kath :D
yoyoduelistsb17 yoyoduelistsb17 May 28, 2014
mother therese! kelan pa nakakalas ang iPhone? Hindi po naghihiwalay yun, kpag nangyare yun... sira na yun... :D
IamMsRA19 IamMsRA19 May 19, 2014
hahaha, gus2 q ung ugali ni kath! Ganun dn aq eh haha. . Pagp2loy m po. Rate 9/10