Me, My Curves, and I {Interracial Romance} #Wattys2017

Me, My Curves, and I {Interracial Romance} #Wattys2017

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Imagine yourself who is always being called the 'big girl' in school and everybody tease you for your weight. That's what happens to Jaelyn Rodriguez back in high school, but she refuses to take zero tolerance on anybody who will torment her for her body shape that is not similar to the other crowd, who thinks that thin is still in. Jaelyn, who is now in her mid twenties going on early thirties, just lost her job as the front desk receptionist for Coco Enterprises, which is a company for writers.

In walks Danny Walker, who is a writer looking for real life version of love is now declining his fame game due to writer's block. Jaelyn is always in a relationship with her own body, including her curves on her pear shaping body until Danny becomes her knight in shining armor-well, a knight in a businessman suit. 

Their relationship is zealous up until the mystery woman in Danny life returns to break up the two of them.

"I already love this!<3" - @FunFlameDesire565 
"Damnn Danny looks good." - @maryisme20 
"I love what her mother said cause she is right." - @gueentipora1234 
"I can't believe she got fired!! Ugh. But any who Danny I think you just stole a piece of my adorable." -@WriteUpMyAlley 
"This is so cute! I love Danny! I've always had a thing for Italian being spoken and Freddie Mercury mustaches, so this is a fun chapter. And yay for people who are for body size diversity! :)" - @JulieMunich 
"lol...... cuzin Michelle." - @CurvyGoddess 
"Can't breathe I love this list<3 <3" - @Ellean_Sweeting 
"Some people just don't understand the beauty of this lisstttt" - @ren49952

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