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Thou Shall Not Sin by plus_size_writer
Thou Shall Not Sinby plus_size_writer
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I'll Never Be That Girl by Musicboxcarousel
I'll Never Be That Girlby It might be me
He pushed me against the wall hard but not hard enough to hurt me. "Christian!" I said loudly "Eliza." he replied calmly "I never said thank yo...
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His Claims by _too_much
His Claimsby _too_much
"Bebé your claimed by me, be still and stop resisting."
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Bullied by August Alsina by CECelove2000
Bullied by August Alsinaby CECelove2000
Heaven angel Smith was not your everyday skinny girl she was never a size two. she was always known ass the fat girl. nobody liked her she was always bullied by the one...
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Why Mate? {REWRITTEN} by kiba96
Why Mate? {REWRITTEN}by kiba96
Rin a simple plus size girl from a small town. One day on the way home from school she has to save her brother from group of guys. Then makes a life changing decision. ...
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CURVES FOR THE ALPHA {Hiatus?} by fanficreader24
CURVES FOR THE ALPHA {Hiatus?}by fanficreader24
Highest Rank: #1 Werewolf MATURE CONTENT DONT READ IF YOU CANT HANDLE SEX SCENES Suddenly I was thrown onto the bed "All Mine!" Colton growled "Your beaut...
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Plus Size by yung_poppy
Plus Sizeby yung_poppy
Colton is the ruthless alpha of the Dawn pack. Everybody basically warships the ground he walks in. Despite his good looks and money he's lonely and desperate for a mate...
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Body Image by wetforbreezy
Body Imageby wetforbreezy
Brooklyn, a 16 year old girl whose struggled with her weight all her life and has been bullied constantly. Her best friend Chris has seen what this does to her so he dec...
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The Delinquent & The Innocent (ON HOLD) by UniquelySam
The Delinquent & The Innocent ( UniquelySam
Jacqueline was your sweet,chubby, shy, goody two shoes type of girl. She never took drugs. Never had a bad grade. Never skipped. And...well you get the point. She's jus...
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You Deserve Better  by Dollfaced_
You Deserve Better by PhatGirl✨👑
Being A Plus Sized Girl Dating Has Always Been Difficult For Chante. Guys Think They Can Just Run Over Her Because They "Think" She Has Low Self Esteem. In Rea...
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Lucky for You by Alauna__
Lucky for Youby Alauna__
When a girl meets a special boy
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Broken, plus-size and feisty by idecidedtolive
Broken, plus-size and feistyby decidedtolive
Suddenly, our eyes met. I felt shivers running down my spine as Sebastian took a sip of whiskey not moving his gaze from me. I almost drowned in his intense grey eyes. ...
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Beauty And The Big Girl (H.S.) by PopTarts17
Beauty And The Big Girl (H.S.)by PopTarts17
Pam was a shy but outspoken girl, she was never the type to attract attention to herself. Being a big girl made her aware of the people she hung around, but she does som...
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Size Doesn't Matter by AshaWheeler
Size Doesn't Matterby Asha Wheeler
Georgia and Laura have been best friends for years. An impromptu shopping expedition to a new lingerie store has them discovering more about each other and themselves th...
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Harvey world by ddolla
Harvey worldby Queen Anna
Monique is a plus sized 15 year old who lives on the southside of chicago (chiraq) whos quiet expect around her friends she not what everyone think but she meets someon...
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What The Heart Wants (ON HOLD) by AnneNicholas
What The Heart Wants (ON HOLD)by Anne Nicholas
Between owning her own studio and being a single mother of two, why waste time on love? Leila Ortiz has spent her 20s trying to build a better life for herself and her s...
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The Curved Mistress by darkangel-
The Curved Mistressby B E C K Y
Jordon-Lynn Higgins had everything she could really want; a cute and tiny apartment, a great paying job that she was able to send money to her childhood home and healthy...
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Curves Matter by OceanRayne
Curves Matterby OceanRain Henry
Size will never be my down fall because it makes me who I am. If you know yourself, you won't have to change yourself. Be happy as you, as I am with me. :-) Enjoy
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Lesson Learned by letspretend221b
Lesson Learnedby letspretend221b
"Life is trial and error, not every relationship is meant to work, sometimes you're just meant to learn the lesson" Valentina Parks is a hero to little girls...
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