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The Subway

The Subway

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Jae-Jae By Jae-Jae Completed

She hated riding the subway. 

It was cramped, smelled, and the seats were extremely uncomfortable to sit on for hours on end.

Now add a group of crazy weapon wielding maniacs to the ever growing list of reasons why Gemma hated riding the subway.

Gemma Conners is a seventeen year old senior and for the past two years she's been riding the subway to school and back home with no problems. She always expected the same ol' same ol'. Cramped spaces, hard seats, pervs staring her up and down and "accidentally" bumping into her when the train jostled people into one another.

Never did she expect a group of  masked men to rush in and hold everyone on the subway car hostage and demand that they all play along with their sick and twisted games. It was either that or die. To add on to her problems one of the passengers on the subway just so happens to be Archer Daniels, your typical high school bad ass. Gemma's day just kept getting better and better.

With Gemma's luck, she'd probably end up dead within minutes.

Yep. Gemma really hated the subway.

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MelodicPixl MelodicPixl Mar 29
Don't talk down on pizza. It's the most amazing thing ever created. 😆
sikkita17 sikkita17 Jun 02
I'm a tights and leggings person.... So I rarely wear skinny jeans
sikkita17 sikkita17 Jun 02
😂😂😂😂If you get the right size that would not be a problem...
Same. I'm more of a night person due to the fact that I barely sleep
Electrix4 Electrix4 Jan 12
I don't really like skinny jeans either. They are comfortable, but regular jeans are just better in a way and now for some reason regular jeans are really hard to find.
Sounds like something I would say. But I don't have younger siblings.