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Blind Love by missk11_
Blind Loveby ᴋɪʀᴛʜᴀɴᴀ
Beyond far of just being a plus size woman, Nicola Burnes is black and the softest yet tenderest person. After confronting a crying child, she ended up adopting him as h...
Unforgotten Memories  by AlbaDiaz039
Unforgotten Memories by Rider 🔷
"Why would you do that?" "So that I can have my Rosie with me, forever." Jackson Black and Rose Harper were high school sweethearts who were insepar...
Curves For My Mate. by heavenwaitsforme
Curves For My heavenwaitsforme
Eighteen year old Kat doesn't have the best life, in fact her life is shit but hey it happens to the best of us right? Not...... Soon she finds herself falling down a r...
Curvy Me by missk11_
Curvy Meby ᴋɪʀᴛʜᴀɴᴀ
It's not easy for a plus size woman to survive the criticism and reproval among the stereotyped society. Bella, is struggling with her number on scales and her narcissis...
He Loves Me (Curves and All) *COMPLETED* by mizdramaholic
He Loves Me (Curves and All) * MIISHUA
Luna Rose comes from a wealthy family with her parents and two older sisters, Celeste and Angel. Unlike her sisters who are slender and beautiful, Luna average looking a...
Midnight Rose by Phatgyal
Midnight Roseby Kachiri Flores
Rose is a single, boy shy, hardworking black girl trying to survive. Until she was kidnapped by a notorious gangster. Why will someone kidnap a shy girl who always goes...
His Guilty Pleasure (FIRST DRAFT) by thatcrazywriterchick
His Guilty Pleasure (FIRST DRAFT)by Anonymous ;)
Gabrielle Hampton has always been a little heavier than her peers--a fact that no one seems to let her forget. Leo Hamilton in particular--having gone as far to coin the...
The Alpha's Academy by StaceyTaylor86
The Alpha's Academyby Stacey Taylor
Midnight is seventeen and is considered the 'runt' of her family's wolfpack. So she finally decides to runaway. However, while trying to do so, she ends up unknowingly t...
She Knows by lxveforme
She Knowsby lxveforme
Elara Suave has been working at Moldovan Industries for years but, now it's time for Mr. Moldovan to step down and let his son take over. When Elara and Emilian meet, t...
Ziara Ale, a normal teenage girl, well as normal as Ziara could get. She's short, clever, and curvy. If there is one thing to know about Ziara it's that she knows of the...
Friends to Lovers... Impossible! by loveispriceless
Friends to Lovers... Impossible!by loveispriceless
I really don't know what's gotten into me? Surely there isn't a disease that makes you miss a person so much it hurts. Or a disease that causes you to think of that pers...
Just MyType  by Arainafanficreader
Just MyType by Arainafanficreader
Kiara is a boy that has both boobs and a uterus he has a slit penis that is known as a vagina, he is a caring person and he has his business a hair and nail salon, and i...
The Alpha's Curve by BeforeTheDive
The Alpha's Curveby Fallen
Amelia Sparks has been bullied since she arrived at her new pack, it has damaged her both mentally and physically. It seemed like everyone was against her, even her own...
Finding The One -Tasha's Story (Completed)✅ by VICMAD
Finding The One -Tasha's Story ( VICMAD
Copyright © 2014 by VICMAD -All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written perm...
Little Bite Luna by Thegirlwhowrites_23
Little Bite Lunaby Krissy
She isn't short. She is bite sized. Anita Rosaline Nightshade has always been small. 4'11 height but a 6'7ft attitude. She might be small, but she sure is feisty. But...
Curvy deku  by AlyssaArts8
Curvy deku by Alyssa Arts
So Deku went in the room and bakuhoe and todothot cheated on Deku so he left UA to go America
one shots  by boogyman_1234
one shots by human
well title gives away 😆 welcome to the short erotic, romantic, adventurous short stories u can also dm me what kind do u like 😇
Craving The Curves by Anonblonde
Craving The Curvesby Anonblonde
Eve had never encountered someone who loved her body, until she met Cade Thompson.
The Billionaire CEO. (STOPPED ) by layla901
The Billionaire CEO. (STOPPED )by @antoinette brookes
jasmine is a curvy 23 year old woman. but everyone she knows except her best friend calls her fat. when her boss fires her because she is over weight, jasmine starts to...