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Summer became nearer and nearer as they days past, and Raina felt sick at the thought of returning home again to her mother, and forced to be with James and Sirius again. She had done so well to avoid them, there was no way she'd be able to avoid her family any longer once she were forced home, and so, she had to accept it.

Trying her best not to think about it, she suggested to Regulus that they go to Honeydukes with her, which he happily agreed to.

Raina considered asking Regulus if she could spend the summer with him, however she knew he would sadly decline, for his mother and father hated the Potters, and she was sure that just because she was a Slytherin, didn't make any difference.

Regulus and Raina were in Honeydukes, trying different candies and laughing together as Raina unsuccessfully tried to throw different candies in the air and catch them in her mouth, though Regulus had gotten it first try.

Their attention was pulled elsewhere when they heard two students talking about a pressing matter.

"Did you hear? You Know Who killed a muggle born family last week."

"I know, it was all over the Daily Prophet. It's absolutely horrible."

Regulus and Raina looked back at each other uneasily.

"What do you think about all of this?" Regulus asked her.

"Well I think it's disgusting, don't you?" She asked him. "Anything muggle related always made me a bit uncomfortable, but this is murder. No one deserves to be killed, no matter what they are."

Regulus looked at her sadly at these words. Disgusting, she called it.

"And... you're still not talking to Severus?" Regulus asked her slowly.

"Well can you blame me? He's one of them? How could you forgive that? It doesn't even make any sense. His fathers a muggle." She told him, taking a bite of her Licorice Whip.

Regulus said nothing, taking a bite of his own Licorice Whip, deep in thought, however, Raina didn't notice that he was oddly quiet, and dragged him to The Three Broomsticks for a butter beer.


It was now June, and Raina became more and more worried about her family. She had no one to stay with over the summer. She had even asked Narcissa, however she was to be staying at the Malfoy Manor with Lucius until they wed.

Raina knew she was nobodies responsibility, though she felt hurt that she had no one to take her in, and became more and more uneasy at the thought of it.

However, she tried to push back this worry. She told herself that her mother wouldn't behave the way she did over Christmas. Who was she kidding? After all the things Regulus had said to her, on top of the fact that she stood by him and let him say it. Not to mention she bowed to Walburga and Orion Black, the two people who mistreated the boy that her parents loved just as much as James, and even agreed that they were awful blood traitors.

What could she do?


There was absolutely nothing that Raina or anyone else could do. She just had to accept and endure it.

It was Monday morning, everyone was awake, packing their trunks and preparing to return to their homes, as the end of the year had come.

Raina's bags were packed, every ones luggage had been put on the train.

She walked in the way of the train, Regulus by her side, neither of them speaking, nervous for their summers.

Raina sat in the Slytherin compartment with Regulus, Narcissa and Lucius.

"And everything will be decorated with white and Silver! The cake with be giant, and my dress will be even bigger." Narcissa had been going on and on about her wedding with Lucius, which was meant to be the week before term started again.

Raina had agreed to come to the wedding, of course, and had agreed to go with Regulus — as friends.

If she were being honest, Raina was hardly listening to Narcissa talk, as she zoned out, anxiety rising higher and higher every time her lungs expanded.

What would she say to her mother? And what would happen? She grew uncomfortable at the thought of being in the same house as Sirius, but she didn't know why.

Blinking away at her thoughts, the train stopped, and out the window sighted parents, waiting for their children to come home.

A/N:Worst chapter I've written so far. Writers block sucks

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