Twenty Four

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[A chapter from Sirius' POV]

[Content Warning-talking about sex. NOT SMUT]

James and I sat in our Transfiguration class, boredom overwhelming me as Professor McGonagall went on and on about our next assignment, but I couldn't focus straight.

As I felt myself beginning doze off, I felt a sharp nudge in my ribs.

"You can't fall asleep again, Pads. You've done it three times this week." James muttered to me.

"Maybe if you weren't keeping us all awake with your bloody snoring I wouldn't be falling asleep!" I quietly spat back.

"I do not snore Padfoot, you're the one who kicked us out of the dorm so you could be alone with that Ravenclaw last night. And if I find out that my bed sheets were all messed up because of you-"

"Mr. Potter, Mr. Black!" Both of our heads snapped up to see Professor McGonagall scowling at us.

"Would you care to share with the rest of us what is so important, that it had to be shared during my instructions?" She sternly asked.

"Don't worry Minnie." James smiled charmingly. "You know we'd never ignore your lessons."

"Your voice is the music to our ears." I smiled.

Professor McGonagall's nostrils were flaring. "Out. Both of you! You are seventh years and are expected to behave as such, at this rate, it's your own choices that determine whether you graduate of not."

"Professor—" James said, but he was cut off.


Everyone was now staring at us, as James and I gathered our things and left the classroom, walking down the corridor in silence.

After a few moments of walking, I spoke up and said, "You know, I didn't do anything with that Ravenclaw girl last night."

James looked up and slightly cocked his head in confusion. "What do you mean you didn't do anything with her, Padfoot? Of course you did."

I furrowed by eyebrows. "No," I said firmly "I didn't."

"Really?" He asked in shock, I rolled my eyes. "Yes, really."

"So then, what was with the silencing charm, the making us wait in the common room for an hour and a half, my — my bed being messed up?" He made sure I knew how upset he was about his bed.

We were now sitting on the stairs by the great hall as we continued talking.

"Well... I thought I wanted to... you know... with her... but when we got up to the dorm and she started kissing me, it just... didn't feel right." I tried to explain.

"What, like you were guilty?" He asked, confused.

"No." I told him. "Like I just wasn't into it."

James laughed. "You weren't into it?" I shook my head. "Pads, I saw the girl, she was hot. Anyone would want her, she was exactly your type, how could you not have been into it?"

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