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I miss you a lot. Things are never any easier here. James is still child of the year. I hope you're alright. Please write soon.

R. Potter

Raina sighed as she handed her note to the family owl, Harold, watching him fly out the window and make his delivery. It had been three days since Raina had returned home, and she really didn't leave her room unless she wanted something to eat, which was rare.

If Fleamont and Euphemia were worried, they had quite an odd way to show it, considering neither of them had said one word to Raina, unless it was to tell both her, and James that dinner or lunch had been prepared.

Raina didn't mind, though. She enjoyed sitting in her room by herself, laying on her bed with a book in her hand, music playing from her record player. There were even times when she would take this over Hogwarts. Of course, Hogwarts was her second home, but you never catch a break like this when you're there.

As Raina finished a chapter in her book, she began thinking about Christmas, and that she hadn't gotten anyone any gifts. Crawling to the other side of her bed, Raina rummaged her drawers to find a decent pile of galleons. Raina smiled and ran down staris to find her mother and father in the living room, drinking tea and reading books as they cuddled together under a blanket.

"Raina," Euphemia smiled, looking up from her book.

"I was just thinking, I have a few galleons and was thinking I'd go down to Diagon Alley and buy some Christmas gifts?"

Euphemia slowly dropped her smile as she looked at Fleamont. Fleamont nodded his head and Raina smiled. "Sure, but come home before six o'clock, you know it gets dark earlier."

"And make sure you take your wand." Euphemia told her.

"Mum, you can't use magic underage, you know that." Raina reminded her.

"In case of an emergency." She told her sternly.

Raina slowly nodded her head. "Right, okay."

Raina traveled back up to her room to put on her jacket and collect her Galleons. She pulled her black jacket over her arms and stuffed the galleons in the pocket, grabbing her wand off of her night stand and putting it up her sleeve, Raina made her way back down stairs to slip into her shoes and make her way over to the fire place, grabbing some floo powder in her hand.

"Be safe." Euphemia said once more. Raina nodded her head and threw the floo powder at her feet after confidently and clearly sayings, "Diagon Alley!"

Green flames consumed her body as she apeared in the enterence of Diagon Alley, the place she knew all too well. Raina walked around, peaking in through the windows to get ideas for her gifts.

As Raina continued to walk, she stopped outside of Quality Quidditch Supplies. She knew this would be the perfect place to buy James a gift. She walked in, looking at everything in the store, she considered getting him a pair of Quidditch robes with his favourite players' number on it but she quickly changed her mind once she saw a black leather box with silver lettering reading Broomstick Servicing Kit. The kit included a large jar of Fleetwood's High-Finish Handle Polish, a pair of silver Tail-Twig clippers, a brass clip-on compass, and a handbook of Do-It Yourself Broomcare.

Raina smiled at the leather box. "Definatly." She said to herself, knowing he was just as much in love with his broomstick as he was with Lily Evans.

Raina took the box to the man at the front of the store. He smiled at her and said, "Christmas gift?"

"For my brother." She smiled. "How much do I owe you?"

"Two galleons and three sickles." He smiled. Raina pulled out the requried ammount, payed the man, wished him a merry Christmas, and went on her way.

Raina had stopped at a few other stores, buying a potions ingredient organizer for Severus, and a new set of black hair curlers for Narcissa, remembering two weeks prior that she were complaining about her straight hair, stating that her hair curlers where no longer any good.

As it was getting darker out, Raina told herself that she would return home after quickly getting Regulus a gift.

How it was, she did not know, but somehow, Raina had made her way into Knockturn Alley. Raina had never been in this Alley, for her parents always warned her to stay away. As an old witch gave her an unsettling smile, Raina thought of that as her cue to go home, she could get Regulus a present another time.

But as she backed up, her head it something hard and strong, as she turned around to see a very unpleasent man smiling a nasty smile at her.

"What're you doing 'round these parts, beautiful?" The man asked in a gruff voice.

"Oh-um, I-I was just," Raina stuttered, knocking into another man as she tried to back away.

"Just looking for a good time?" Another man asked in a slurred, drunken voice.

"No, I-" But Raina was cut off again.

"You got some pretty teeth on you, doll." One more man said. Suddenly, Raina was being closed in by all three men, the stench of fire whiskey and bad hygiene radiating off of each of them.

"Why don't you have some fun with us?" The first man asked. Raina held a grip around her wand.

"Yeah," The third man agreed. "You look like you could use a drink."

"Leave me alone," She shakily warned, her back hitting a jagged brick wall.

"Leave me alone!" She shouted this time, pointing her wand at the men.

The men broke out into laughter as she pulled out her wand.

"Silly girl, you think you can take us on?" The third man said as he pulled out his wand.

Tears filled Raina's eyes as she tried to stay strong.

The first man raised his wand at Raina



A green light hit the man in the back as he dropped dead, a second before the red light hit Raina.

The two men jumped around to see who had just killed the man, and standing before them, Lucius Malfoy, his wand raised.

"Lucius?" She asked.

"Go, Raina." He said calmly.

Raina stood frozen in shock. Lucius just killed someone, forget about that, he just saved her.

"Raina, go!" He shouted, snapping Raina out of her thoughts.

Raina ran. She ran straight out of Knockturn Alley. She kept running past the few people still in the Alley. She kept running. And didn't stop until she were in the safety of her home.

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