Twenty Nine

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Yes, I'm back:)

"Raina! Come down here!" Euphemia's voice rang through the large Potter house. Raina scoffed, not even completely unpacked for the holiday.

She turned around on her heals and ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. James and Fleamont were discussing Quidditch scenarios at the table, while Sirius and Euphemia were in the kitchen, making cookies.

On one plate, sat about a dozen of perfectly decorated sugar cookies. Those were Euphemia's. Never a sprinkle out of place like always. On another plate, sat about another dozen of slightly more misshapen cookies, messily covered in frosting and a mountain of sprinkles, those must've been Sirius'.

"Cookie, Raina?" Sirius offered. The smile on his face was so child like, so innocent. Raina looked down at his plate of cookies. She couldn't imagine the stomach ache they would cause.

Raina looked up at Sirius with the best faux smile she could managed and said, "Later."

Sirius smiled and nodded his head before turning around and helping Euphemia clean.

"Oh, Raina dear," Said Euphemia. "I've made you a sandwich, go on eat up."

Raina looked at the thick sandwich sitting next to James. "Oh, I'm not hungry right now, mum, I think I'll wait for dinner."

"Oh, but you're skin and bone! Those bloody friends of yours haven't been keeping you well fed."

"Aye, leave her be, mum." James chimed. "She looks as she always does, let her wait 'til she's hungry." Raina internally smiled at James when Euphemia pursed her lips together, obviously taken aback by James standing up for his sister.

"Fine." She said, unimpressed, before angrily walking up to the sandwich and grabbing it off the table, dropping it in the bin next to the stove. "If you'd rather be ungrateful and starve, so be it."

Euphemia's hands were now on her hips while she was sternly looking at Raina.

"That's not what I meant mum, I'm just not ready to eat yet-"

"Go to your room."

Raina's eyes widened slightly in confusion. "W-what?"

"Go to your room." Euphemia repeated.

"Dad!?" Raina turned to her father in object, but Fleamont was no help.

"Listen to your mother, Raina." He said.

"All I said is I would rather wait until dinner to eat." She said, tears filling her eyes. "James!"

James quickly stood up. "Mum, really, this isn't necessary."

"James, mind your tongue." Fleamont warned his son, pulling him by his arm to sit down.

"Enough!" Euphemia shouted. "Every year, I hope that just once, just for once that we could have a nice, normal, family Christmas, but it appears that we can't. So, I think I'm going to retire for the night. I'm sure the elf can tend to dinner."

They all watched Euphemia exit the room, eyes all wide. "Mum?" James tried.

"Oh, don't, darling." Said Euphemia with a sad smile, holding her hand up in interruption. "You've made it clear what side you're on."

James looked at his mother bewildered. "B-but.. but there shouldn't be sides!" Euphemia only turned away and walked out of sight.

"Dad! How could you just let—just let her—the ways she acts she—sides?!" Raina was taken aback by the impact all of this had hit James, and it appeared that Fleamont was too.

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