Twenty Five

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Raina and Madison sat in the fifth year dorms, siting in silence while Madison did her makeup and Raina laid on her back on Madison's bed, thinking about Regulus.

"Mad?" Raina spoke up.

"Huh?" She said, touching up her lipgloss.

"How do you know Sirius?" She asked her, thinking about the encounter the three had had days before.

"Family friend. Our mums are close, I always had to play with him and Reggie when we were younger." She explained mater-of-factly.

"Reggie?" She raised her eyebrow, never hearing such a nickname for Regulus.

"Oh," She laughed. "Just a nickname I gave Regulus when we were younger and, it kind of stuck." She shrugged. Raina raised her head from Madison's bed to see her blushing in her mirror as she did her eyeliner.

"I didn't know you and Reg were close." She said, dropping her head back down on the bed.

"Close?" She laughed. "We're more than close, do you not remember us getting all hot and heavy at that party last year?"

"No, I do. It's just I thought you were just some girl he was snogging because he was drunk, I've never seen you two talk or hear your name mentioned." Raina told her.

"Well why do you care?" Madison asked, sounding a bit bitter.

"I don't." Raina answered honestly. "Just something Sirius said, about you being obsessed with Reg?"

"I'm not obsessed with him." She rolled her eyes. "And what's this nickname you've got for him? Reg?" She asked, almost rudely if Raina was reading the right signals.

"Uhm, I guess I just picked it up from Evan after he always called him that, along with Narcissa and Lucius and just about every one of his friends." Raina informed her.

"Oh." She said, flatly. "Well, personally, I think it's weird." She said.

"Weird? How is it weird?" Raina asked, lifting her head back from the bed and making eye contact with Madison through her mirror.

"Well, I mean, don't you think you'd have to be close with him to have nicknames?"

"What?" Raina laughed. "No, we're — were pretty close." Raina said. "Well, at least we were..." She trailed off. "He's kind of ignoring me right now."

"Yeah... so, probably best to drop the whole 'Reg' thing now." Madison told her, just finishing her makeup.

Madison stood up from her vanity with a sigh and kissed Raina on the cheek. "I have to go, I have a date. Stay as long as you want, just blow out the candles before you leave." She told her, strutting out of her dorm with a smile.

Raina sighed to herself. There was never anything to do with herself anymore besides walking the corridors of Hogwarts, which got very boring, very fast.

So, after hours of boredly reading in Madison's dorm, and realizing she wasn't coming back from her date any time soon, an idea popped into her mind. Raina quickly stood and blew out Madison's candles, quietly running out the fifth year dorms and into her own.

Raina quietly entered her dorm, where all of her roommates were soundly sleeping. Pulling out her wand, she quietly whispered, "Lumos", causing the tip of her wand to light with a bright light.

Shielding the light with her hand so that she was not to wake up the other girls asleep in her room, she quietly made her way over to her trunk, where she rummaged around until she found it.

It was a rather large, leather-back book, but not just any book. It was the sketchbook that James had gotten her for Christmas when she was eleven.

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