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[TW-Sexual abuse, under-eating]

Fourth Year

"Stop!" Raina cried. "Get off me!"

"Stay still!" The dark voice spat, hands around her throat. "If you scream, I'll snap your neck"

A tear rolled down Raina's face. There was nothing she could do to stop what was happening to her.

His rough cold hand slipped between her skirt, the other still placed harshly on her neck. She cried at the sudden intrusion, but his grip on her throat got even tighter.

"Shut up! You dirty little slut."

She tried to think of something she could do. Anything she could do, but there was nothing.

She opened her eyes, revealing the face of sixth year, Roger Davis, his bright blue eyes crinkling with an evil smile.

He began to unzip his pants, and Raina couldn't help but sob. He got back on top of her, placing his hand back on her throat as he began to enter her. She sobbed again at the pain, and his hand tightened around her neck once more.

"I'll give you one more chance to keep quite!" Davis spat. "Only because I'm not keen on fucking dead people, but don't think I won't."

"You're sick!" She weakly spat, making him grin as he continued.

Raina lied there in tears. There was nothing she could do. She lied there, waiting for him to finish. When he was done, he walked away, but not before saying in the coldest voice Raina ever heard.

"No one will believe you."

He left her. He left her lying in a dark corridor that no one ever walked through. She couldn't move. She wanted to, but she couldn't.

Raina's eyes shot open. She hated reliving that nightmare in her sleep. It happened at least twice a week.

Raina had had some unpleasant mornings in her life, but nothing was as uncomfortable as waking up in a room full of shirtless boys walking around.

"What the hell?" She muttered, rubbing her eyes to make sure she was seeing correctly.

"Morning," She hears a voice say, turning her head to see Regulus, staring down at her in a half buttoned white shirt and a pair of black trousers. His hair messy and eyes tired.

Raina flushed. She was more than confused, she was startled. After finally piecing together that she was in the boys dormitories, she shot straight up.

"What the hell, Reg?" She asked, trying to sound angry but far too tired.

"You fell asleep in the common room." He told her. "Would you rather I left you there?"

"Well no, but-"

"Then you're welcome." He said smiling, turning back to the mirror above his dresser as he continued to button up the rest of his shirt.

Raina looked around, feeling the skin on her cheeks heating up. Sure she'd seen her fair share of shirtless guys, but she had never been in a room with this many.

"Enjoying the show?" She heard the voice of Evan Rosier say as he pulled a black jumper over his head, giving Raina a smirk.

Once again, her face grew hot, embarrassed by her lingering eyes.

Regulus chuckled in front of the mirror, brushing his hair.



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