Thirty Three

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Christmas at the Black house was nothing more than another day to Regulus Black.

His mother never hung any decorations, or even any kind of tree. Kreacher wasn't in the kitchen baking cookies and humming Christmas carols to himself, rather, he was dusting cob webs off of the animated paintings of Black ancestors.

Orion spent every day of his life in his study, and the holidays were no exception, however, it appeared that this holidays was.

Regulus was sitting in the family room at the piano. He had been playing around with a few keys, mostly out of boredom.

His fingers effortlessly glided over the shining white keys, when his right ring finger pressed down on an accidental key.

The note, however, sounded quite lovely to Regulus. There was something about the note that had added a sort of angelic sense to the keys he had been playing with just moments before.

Regulus shifted his position into a more committed posture now, putting the playing around with different patterns of the notes until he got what he was looking for.

He fell into rhythm with his newly-composed melody, and began to play it more easily, no that he had figured out his basic chords.

Ready to continue exploring keys to add to his song, Walburga Black cleared her throat from the doorway. Regulus turned his head over his shoulder to see his mother and father standing a some feet away from him.

"Quite a lovely melody." Walburga said shortly.

"Thank you." Regulus said quietly as he looked down, his eyes flickering between the hard wood floors and his mother's cold eyes. No one intimidated Regulus Black the way his mother did.

"Your friends are here, Bellatrix as well, they're waiting for you in your room." Orion stated dryly.

Regulus understood and nodded to his parents, swiftly standing up and excusing himself to his room, where Severus Snape, Evan Rosier, and Bellatrix Lestrange waited upon his entrance.

Severus stood by the door with his hands intertwined in front of his waist. Evan, who had been to 12 Grimmauld Place many times prior to this visit, made himself more comfortable and had lied himself on Regulus bed, crossing his ankles and putting his arms behind his head.

Bellatrix was examining her cousins room, touching everything and wondering around the bed room in a quite angelic way, despite her not so angelic nature.

All three heads snapped in the direction of the door as Regulus turned the handle.

"What—what are you guys doing here?" He asked them.

"It's Christmas night, Reg." Said Evan, propping himself up on the bed he wasn't lying down anymore.

Regulus crossed his arms, still not really seeing the point. "So?"

"So?" Bellatrix repeated, sounding offended. "So the Dark Lord ordered a meeting tonight!"

"Oh, and Bella did some digging," Evan said. "The Dark Lords birthdays coming up."

"Mhmm." Bellatrix nodded proudly, her thick curls bouncing with the motion of her head.

"It's a week from yesterday," Evan went on. "he'll be fifty one. We're gonna get drunk terrorize some muggles in his honour to celebrate."

Regulus sighed and began to rub his head. "Great, well, you lot have fun with that."

"No, you have to go!" Bellatrix whined, slightly stomping her foot on the ground like an upset child.

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