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"James! James, wake up, James!" Ten year old Raina yelled in a high voice.

"Go away, Raina." Eleven year old James tiredly groaned, rolling over in his bed as he hugged his pillow.

"Come on, James! It's the first of September! You have to go to Hogwarts now."

James shot straight up.


James practically threw himself out of his bed, running out of his room and down the stairs as a giggling Raina followed behind.

"Mum! Dad!" James yelled, running into the kitchen where Fleamont Potter sat at the table, reading The Daily Prophet, and Euphemia Potter, who stood in the kitchen, wiping down the counters.

They looked up at the excited children and smiled.

"Good morning my loves." Euphemia smiled. "Here sit next to your father, I'll make your breakfast." She said grabbing her wand and lightly waving it in the air.

James and Raina watched two plates magically float up into the air, a scone floating on each plate as maple syrup and blueberries came together on top.

"We haven't any time for breakfast!" James cried. "We'll be late to Hogwarts!"

"Nonsense!" Fleamont said with a smile, looking at his watch. "You still have three hours. Come on, have a seat and eat your breakfast."

James sulked over to his seat, sad he still wouldn't be at Hogwarts for a long while. He was more than excited to go, he had packed his trunk a week earlier.

Raina giggled, taking a seat next to her brother as she began to munch down on her scone.

"Eat your scone, James!" She told him with a full mouth, noticing he hadn't touched his breakfast. "You want to be full of energy so you can cast spells."

"Right!" James said, munching down his scone has well.

"Slow down, both of you." Said Euphemia, who was now back to wiping down her counters. "You don't want to get a stomach ache."

James and Raina grinned at each other, knowing that their mother hated them getting stomach aches more then they did themselves, for they always dramatically complained as if they were dying.


James and Raina ran through Kings Cross station while laughing, James pushing his cart in front of him.

They stopped at the wall in between platforms 9 and 10, letting Fleamont and Euphemia catch up to them, slightly breathless.

"Okay children, now, make sure there are no muggles watching and..." Euphemia looked around her before saying, "Go!" and the four quickly ran through the barrier.

James and Raina looked around them in awe, jaws hitting the floor. They couldn't believe what the saw before them. This was it.

James turned to his parents, who were already tearing up.

"Oh!" Was all Euphemia could choke out before pulling James into a bone crushing hug. "Oh, my little boy," She said, pulling away. "Going to Hogwarts at last."

James smiled at his mother, a mammas boy, he was.

Fleamont crouched down on one of his knees, and placed his hand on James' shoulder.

"You're going to have a wonderful time, son." He said with watery eyes. "I know you'll make us proud.

James gave his father a warm hug before turning to Raina, who was now also teary-eyed, her bottom lip sticking out.

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