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a/n: super short, lowkey sad chapter.

Regulus Black loves the colour blue.

"What's your favorite colour, Raina?" Young Regulus Black asked his friend.

"Blue, like the sea." She replied easily.

"You like the ocean?" He asked her.

"I love it." She nodded her head. "It's so beautiful, it can move wherever it likes, all across the whole world. Have you ever been?"

"Not much of a swimmer." He said. "Mum never felt the need to teach us."

"I'll teach you to swim." She smiled. Regulus smiled back.

"You will? You don't think it's weird that I can't?" He asked her, shocked.

"Of course not." She replied with a warm smile. "I can't do needle point. I'm bloody awful, despite how hard my mother has tried to teach me, and I know every other pure blood girl my age can do it, but I can't, and that's okay, because one day I'll get it down."

Thirteen year old Regulus looked at his best friend. It was then he realized that Raina Potter was by far the kindest soul he had ever met. She was perfect in every way.

"I-I've never told anyone." He said bashfully. "It's such a stupid thing, not being able to swim. I reckon you're brilliant at it."

"I am." She smiled proudly. "But you're good at things I'll never understand. Like potions or the jelly-legs-jinx."

Regulus laughed at this. "Potions really isn't that difficult, you know? I could teach you if you let me."

Raina rolled her eyes. "How about you let me be teacher first, we can find the room of requirements, so we have a pool, and we'll go every night and weekend until you've got it down, and then one day, I'll take you to see the sea, it's just beautiful, really."

Regulus smiled at Raina's excited face. She was so genuinely happy to teach Regulus how to swim, she didn't find it odd at all that he couldn't before then.

After she had finally found the room of requirements, they did just as she had promised. They snuck into the room every night after hours, and Raina would teach him.

As the lessons went on, Regulus' love for the colour blue grew. He learned to love the tone of the water, but it wasn't until after the lessons began, that Regulus noticed Raina had blue eyes, and that the cover of his favourite book was blue. The ring that his father gave him had little sapphires in it, and eventually blue was all Regulus could see.

He could never get sick of it once it became his whole life, his whole imagination.

He found beauty in every shade of blue there was, but his favourite shade of the beautiful colour he had grown to love thanks to his best friend, was royal blue. It was so fitting for someone like Raina, because to Regulus, she was everything to him that royalty was to others.

She was expensive, and beautiful. Graceful and perfect. She was everything that girls would envy, in his eyes. She was gentle and fair and put others before herself. She held all the qualities that you would find in a princess from a child's story book, fairest in all of the land. She was the colour blue in the form of a human girl.

So that's when he decided. Regulus Black didn't just love the colour blue.

Regulus Black loved Raina Potter.

It's such a shame that just five short years later, he'd never want to see the colour blue again.

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