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[TW-Forced Eating, throwing up]



"Raina, wake up!"


"Raina, wake up! It's Christmas!"

"Go away, James." Raina sleepily mumbled with her eyes closed.

"Don't insult me like that! Do I look like James to you?"

Raina slowly opened her eyes to reveal an excited Sirius standing over her.

"What the hell!" She shouted, sitting straight up and covering her bare arms with her blanket.

"Oh, grow up." He said. "I've seen you in a bikini before." Raina rolled her eyes and got out of bed to throw on a thin long sleeve shirt, and quickly tying her hair into a messy bun.

"Aren't you going to put on pants?" Sirius asked with a sarcastic disgusted face, looking at her in her boxers.

"Nope." She said, walking out of her room to see James, Fleamont and Euphemia all surrounding the large Christmas tree.

"I've awoken the beast!" Sirius yelled triumphantly with a smile, holding his arms out at Raina.

"Shut up." She groaned, sitting on the couch next to James and throwing a pillow at Sirius' face.

"James!" Sirius shouted. "Control the beast!"

"Sorry, Padfoot." James chuckled. "I choose life."

"All right, you three, come on." Euphemia smiled as Sirius made his way over, sitting on the couch next to Raina, their outer thighs lightly touching, his rough, black jeans against her tan, bare skin.

Sirius and Raina made quick, side-glace, eye contact before quickly looking down, moving their legs away from each other awkwardly.

"James, you open something first." Euphemia smiled. James picked up a heavy looking rectangle, wrapped in red and green paper. Excited by the heavy object, his smile disappeared when it revealed a book called 'The Great Gatsby'

"Man, Moony got me a book!" He complained. "S'alright." He laughed. "I got him a pair of socks." James chuckled as he threw his book behind him.

Raina picked up a box with her name on it, smiling as she pealed the paper back. Her smile faded when she had gotten a book as well. "You got me a book, James?" She asked glaring at her brother.

James snickered. "Turn it around."

Raina rolled her eyes and flipped the book over, revealing a dark green cover, with golden letters reading, 'How To Be Less Of A Sour Puss.' James, burst out laughing. Fleamont and Euphemia tried to stifle their chuckles as Sirius didn't even try.

"Oh, whatever!" She said, throwing the book at James who continued to laugh as she made her way off of the couch and back up stairs.

"Raina, it was just a joke!" James called after her, but Raina only replied with her middle finger raised at him as she walked up to her bed room.

Raina had looked under the tree the night before, there were no other gifts with her name on it besides that book. And she was really excited to open it. She couldn't believe how big of a prick her brother was.

It was around noon now, and a knock had come from the other side of her door.

"What?" She said sternly.

James slowly opened the door and walked into her room. "Hey,"

"Get out." She told him. Ignoring her, he walked over to the side of her bed.

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