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It was Saturday, and everyone was enjoying the warm fall weather in Hogsmeade.

The Three Broomsticks was packed, everyone enjoying a glass of butter beer as they happily laughed with their friends on their day off.

Regulus, Raina, Serverus, and Nacissa Black, one of Raina's only female friends, sat under a large tree outside of the village.

Severus, who was sitting next to Narcissa in the grass, was writing in his potions book, enjoying the peace and company of his friends, while Narcissa and Raina swayed side to side, humming to the melody coming from a guitar, that was being strummed by Regulus, who sat in front of the tree, his back resting on the trunk.

As the light song came to an end, the girls smiled, giggling at their friend who smiled modestly, while Severus wore a toothy grin, not looking up from his book.

"That was beautiful, Regulus." Narcissa, who happened to be Regulus' cousin, said in an airy voice.

"It really was." Raina agreed with a smile.

"Yeah, not to bad." Severus said, looking up from his book for a moment.

"Yeah, yeah," He said smiling, putting his guitar to the side as he rested his hands behind his head. "Whatcha writing in there anyways, Snape?" Regulus asked, grabbing down the middle of the book with his middle finger and thumb, plucking it out of Severus' hands before giving him time to object.

"No-" Severus said, though too late.

"Sec...tum...sem...pra?" Regulus said, squinting his eyes to try to read the long word written in Severus' book. "What is that, some kind of spell I've never heard of?" He asked, handing the book back to Severus who snatched it back aggressively.

"It's a spell of my own making." He said shortly, closing the book and putting it back in his bag so that Regulus couldn't reach it again.

"Of your own making?" Narcissa said dreamily. "That's fascinating."

"What does it do?" Raina asked intrigued.

"Nothing pleasant," He said with a smirk.

Narcissa gasped. "Is it a curse?" She asked him eagerly. Severus began putting away his quill and ink, smirking to himself.

"Oh, it is!" She cried excitedly. "You have to teach it to me, please!" She begged, receiving a chuckle from both Regulus and Raina, who was now also sitting against the tree, Regulus' arm around her.

"No." Severus said, making Narcissa frown immediately.

"Why not?" She whined.

Narcissa, like many other Slytherins, and many people in her family, had a great fascination with the dark arts, and was very skilled in it.

"Because," He said shortly. "You'd probably curse yourself on accident."

"I would not!" She sounded offended. "What does it even do?" Asking the unanswered question again.

Severus sighed, looking up at the fascinated blonde, her blue eyes pleading.

"It wounds the victim greatly." He said, making Narcissa's eyes light up.

"Wow," Raina said, impressed. "How long did that to create?" She asked her friend.

"A few months. Took a while to perfect." He shrugged.

"How do you know it works?" Regulus asked. "Surely you didn't use it on someone here, if it really does such damage."

"I simply tested it on some Muggle children from my dads village." He grinned, getting approving smilies from Regulus and Narcissa, while Raina awkwardly shifted.

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