Thirty Nine

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Students rushed through the doors behind Sirius, anxious to see what would become of his injuries, the gossip already flying around the school, everyone talking about it.

Raina was quickly behind her brother and Sirius when he was taken to the hospital wing, he was unconscious and terrifyingly still. It was only some time before the rest of the team showed up to support their teammate, and wallow in their loss to Slytherin.

The Gryffindor players, however, had a bone to pick with Raina being in the infirmary with Sirius.

"She's a Slytherin! She shouldn't be here at a time like this."  Exclaimed Sirius' counterpart beater on the pitch, Richard Carter.

"I am your captain's sister and more importantly Sirius' friend." Raina defended herself strongly despite the remaining tears of worry in her eyes.

"You're a Slytherin." He pressed angrily. "Captains sister or not you are a snake who cheers for the very men who attacked our mate."

"That's enough, Carter." James stepped in quickly. "Show my sister some respect, she was cheering for us this entire game."

"With all do respect, Potter, not even a year ago your sister was at the side of Regulus Black and Evan Rosier, cheering for them, defending them, we can't say where her loyalties lie." Carter retorted quickly.

"My loyalties?" Raina exclaimed. "I'm standing here crying for my injured friend, just wanting to see to his safety and make sure he's alright, and you question my loyalties to Sirius? How can you be so ridiculous?"

Carter stood closer to her now with his face near in hers. "A snake doesn't run to the side of anyone but their own."

Raina stared at Carter blankly, before shifting her gaze to her brother who stood behind Carter. "I'll return when your players are gone. If Sirius wakes up before then will you find me and let me know?"

James nodded his head. "Absolutely."

Raina took one last look at Carter, looking him up and down disrespectfully before exiting the infirmary.  She wasn't interested in arguing with an entitled Gryffindor boy, she was saving her anger for someone more worth her time.

She knew Slytherin would be celebrating for their victory against their rival house, in truth Raina had almost forgotten about house rivalry, she had nearly forgotten she was still a Slytherin.

When she arrived to the common room a party was already in motion, with music playing and people enjoying themselves, cheering for their players victory and enjoying generous amounts of Fire Whiskey and Brandy.

Raina quite enjoyed Slytherin house parties, it was one of the few times everyone could enjoy themselves with their friends, but she was not here for enjoyment. She wanted answers.

She scanned the room in search for him. He would be with Evan no doubt, somewhere adjacent to the crowed but not so far as to be excluded. Soon enough she spotted them, talking by the fireplace with drinks in hand, their body language suggested their conversation was not open for invitation, and Raina had a pretty fair guess as to what matter they were conversing on.

With a hard face Raina walked up to the two, and Evan quickly cut off in the middle of his sentence when he saw her approach.

"We need to talk." Said Raina coldly, Regulus looked at her with disinterest.

"I'm kind of in the middle of something." He said in a dull tone.

"It wasn't a question." She said, sharper. Regulus let out an irritated exhale before looking at Evan, who nodded his head.

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