Twenty Three

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[TW- Roger Davis🤢 in other words, graphic descriptions of rape]

If Raina were being honest, she was happy that she hadn't gotten marks high enough to attend Potions class for her sixth year, however bored out of her mind. She walked along the corridors, where there were barley any students.

Many people were using their free periods to catch up on their studies, but seeing as how Raina now hadn't anyone to distract her, she didn't need any extra time to do her work.

So she explored the castle, hoping maybe she'd discover a secret room, or hallway that she'd never stumbled upon before.

As lunch came, Raina decided that she would skip and instead rest in the common room. Making her way down the final flight of stairs, she heard a man shouting.

"Don't you dare speak to me like that again! Remember you you're talking to!"

"I'm sorry!" Another voice said, a girls. "I didn't mean to offend you, I was just simply-"

"Shut up, you stupid whore!"

Raina now saw him. Roger Davis. Screaming at a blonde girl that seemed to be familiar. Davis raised his hand, striking the blonde girl across the face. It was only then when she realized who the girl was. It was the same girl who was snogging Regulus at the Slytherin party the year before.

"Hey!" Raina shouted, catching both of their attention as she made her way to them. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" She spat at him.

"I don't think it concerns you." He said back to her, just as evil as that night in the corridor.

"You shouldn't even be here." She told him. "You graduated last year. You have no business being down here."

"Mind your own business, bitch." The blonde girl snapped, but Raina ignored her.

"No matter, love." He told the blonde calmly. "I was simply here to return a book to Professor Slughorn that I had accidently taken with me after my leaving last year. Now that I've returned it, I supose there is no more reason to stay." He smiled disgustingly at Raina as he walked away, making his way out of the dungeons.

When Raina turned back around, the blonde girl was walking away.

"Hey!" Raina called to her, jogging slightly to catch up to her.

"What do you want?" The girl bitterly said to her.

"Are you alright?"

The girl rolled her eyes. "What do you care?"

"I care because you were just slapped in the face." She told her.

The girl sighed, annoyed. "If you don't mind, I have to go be a whore elsewhere."

Raina blinked, until realizing the cruel words she had said to the girl when she were drunk. The blonde girl continued to walk, but Raina called out from behind her,

"What's your name?"

The girl stopped, she clentched her jaw, but didn't turn around to face her. "Madison."

"Madison," Raina repeated. "Did he hurt you, Madison?"

Raina noticed her body tense, knowing that was the answer she was looking for.

"He's hurt me too, you know. And other girls I'm sure."

"Why are you telling me this?" Madison asked.

"Because, he's disgusting, and if he's hurt you as well, who knows how many other girls he's hurt? How many he'll hurt in the future?"

Madison turned around to face her, eyes now welling in tears. "If you think," she started angry, walking up to get into Raina's face. "that you can just butt into my business after-"

"I'm sorry." Raina told her, Madison's eyes were still angry, but now, Raina could see in her eyes she was willing to listen.

"I'm sorry that I called you a whore. You aren't. I've been slut shamed before and whether you've had sex with a million guys, or just one, you should never be ashamed for it. I was drunk, and Regulus was one of my only friends, and you were snogging him but, but now I'm sober and I realize that I shouldn't have called you that, I shouldn't have stopped you two at all."

Madison's eyes rapidly scanned her face until she looked down at the ground. "I'd never had sex before. Roger was my first." She told her.

Raina looked at her carefully. "Did you wanna it?"

A tear fell from Madison's eye, but she was trying so hard to hold it together. "No." She quietly whimpered.

Raina's stomach sank.

"At the party last year, I saw Regulus punching him, I thought he was handsome, I offered to clean him up. We went back into his dormitory, and I cleaned all of his wounds. He kissed me afterwards... I was okay with that — just that. But he started — he started undoing his belt and —" Madison stopped. Her breathing became uneven.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to." Raina told her.

"But I want too." She quietly whimpered. "He started pushing me onto his bed. I tried to pull away and tell him no — I did tell him no but — he called me a tease, said that if I didn't let him the whole school would see me as a 'Major bitch'. I tried to scream but — he said nobody would hear me. He ripped my clothes — he — he put his hand around my — my—" Madison seemed at loss for words, she began lightly tapping his neck.

"Your throat." Raina helped her. Madison nodded.

"Yes. He took off all of my clothes, he told me if I screamed one more time he'd kill me. And then... and then he did it. When he was done he told me to get out... he told me no one would believe me."

"I believe you." Raina promised.

Madison let out a sob before wrapping her arms around Raina. She cried her eyes out as Raina hugged her back. She rubbed her back, comforting the broken girl.

"I want him dead!" She loudly sobbed. "I want him to suffer!"

"He will." Raina told her. "He will, and he won't receive any mercy."

Madison continued to cry as Raina told her, "I promise."

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