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It was late at night when the reception had finally ended, far later than Raina had thought it would be.

Regulus had taken her home, refusing to let her be alone at night. When they reached the outside of Raina's house, Regulus stopped before hugging her.

This hug wasn't like their other hugs, for this hug was tight, and the atmosphere around the two became sad. Regulus held onto her tight, his head buried in her neck, not ever wanting to let her go.

Raina tried to pull away, but Regulus refused to let her go. It was only then when she heard a quiet sniff come from him.

"Reg?" She quietly asked. "Reg, what's wrong?" When Regulus didn't answer, Raina forced the hug broken, seeing Regulus' face pulled in tears.


Regulus stayed quiet, another large tear falling out of his eye.

"What's wrong?" She sadly asked, wiping his tear with her thumb.

Regulus let out a quick sob now, unable to contain himself.

"Regulus, tell me what's wrong." She quietly demanded.

"I want to tell you, Raina. I want to but I can't." He cried. Raina's heart broke.

She pulled in back into a hug, gently rubbing his back as he securely wrapped his arms around her back. "You can tell me." She told him.

"But I can't." He cried into her neck. She stroked the back of his hair, not knowing what she could say.

"It's going to be okay, Reg." She told him, pulling back from the hug. "Go home, drink some water, go to sleep." She told him, rubbing his cheek with her thumb. "Okay?"

Regulus sniffed once more, nodding his head.

"Okay." Raina repeated. She got on her toes to kiss his cheek. "Goodnight, Regulus."

She turned around, making her way to her front door, and barely, just barley, Raina swears 'til her dying day, that she heard Regulus say behind her, "Goodbye, Raina."

Raina turned the door handle, doing her very best to shut it as quietly as possible, and her stomach dropped when she saw the darkness snap away as a harsh, yellow light was turned on from behind her.

Expecting it to be Euphemia, or Fleamont, or even James, Raina turned around, seeing Sirius Black angrily sitting on the couch.

"Where have you been." His voice was harsh, not a tone of silliness in his words.

"You know where I've been, Sirius." She told him, rolling her eyes.

"At the wedding? What wedding lasts from four in the afternoon to four-thirty in the morning?" He demanded.

"Narcissa and Lucius wanted to continue the party after the reception, is that so hard to believe?" She demanded, now getting angry.

"Yes, it is. Narcissa would not continue a party after the reception ended, she'd want to hurry away to her glorious honeymoon where she'd be able to start her glorious family that she's always dreamed about!"

"Yes! In fact she was extremely excited to get going once we all left!"

"God, Raina you are so ignorant!" Sirius shouted. "Did you even stop to think that maybe someone was worried about you? Maybe someone was panicking that something had happened to you? Despite what you think, there are people who care about you and if you say you'll be home at night you're expected to be home at night, not early in the morning!"

"Sirius, you are not my father! You do not get to yell at me! If my parents were so worried then they would be the ones sitting here screaming at me about responsibility, but they aren't, and you want to know why? Because they know I can take care of myself, and clearly no one was worried!" She shouted back at him.

"I WAS WORRIED!" He shouted in rage, running his hands through is hair, angrily turning around to compose himself.

Raina, startled by his sudden out burst, lightly gulped.

"I'm sorry." She said after a few moments.

Sirius slowly turned back around to face Raina. "What?"

"You're right," She told him. "I wasn't thinking about other people, I was just having fun. But I swear, I was at a party with Cissa and the others."

Sirius and Raina were now oddly close to each other, but neither seemed to care or notice.

"I promise." She whispered.

"I shouldn't have yelled." Sirius quietly muttered. "You were just out so late-"

"It's my fault." She told him. "I'm sorry."

Raina's eyes were on the floor the entire time, so, she picked up her head, finally noticing how close that were.

Sirius' head was towering right over hers. She stared into his eyes for a second longer, before slowly backing away, and retreating up to the stairs, making her way back to her room.

Leaving Sirius there, his head still towering over now nothing but the floor. He sighed, picking up his head and stressfully running his hand through his hair, before pacing to the kitchen, unscrewing a bottle of fire whiskey and taking a large swig, throwing himself back on the couch.

A/n: short chapter , I know. I'm sorry.

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