Twenty Six

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Madison and Raina's friendship didn't last long.

Sure, Raina felt bad for her, about what happened with Davis, and she took her in and comforted her the way that Evan and Regulus did for her two years ago. But Madison seemed to get over it much quicker than Raina did. 

And Raina saw no problem with that, everyone deals with trauma differently, but as Madison became happier, Raina realized why her and Raina were never friends before.

Madison was a bitch.

Sure, Raina could be bitchy sometimes, but Madison was simply mean, and enjoyed hurting people in order to make herself feel good.

It was a Thursday night, and Raina was sitting in the common room, sketching in her book, when she heard the familiar giggle or Madison coming through the portrait hole, she turned to greet Madison, when she saw she was holding the arm of Regulus.

"Oh, you are so funny Reggie!" She giggled, before locking eyes with her older friend. "Raina!" She smiled, dragging Regulus down to the black couched, seating herself on his lap comfortably. "Reggie and I were just taking a walk, had a quick fuck." She shrugged.

Raina narrowed her eyes. She knew what Madison was doing, she didn't know why, but she knew. "Did you?" She asked, pretending to sound interested.

"We did." She happily nodded. Regulus looked dreadfully uncomfortable. "He said my skin was soft like silk, and that my body was made by Aphrodite's image." She boasted, as Regulus looked at her confused.

"Wow, Madison, that is so great, I'm so happy for you that you've made it onto the list of girls that he's said that to." Raina smiled. Madison's nostrils flared just barley, before she eagerly continued.

"Oh, but that's not all that he said! He said that my voice was music to him, and that my eyes glow like warm honey." At this, Regulus' head whipped to her so fast that Raina was surprised that he didn't break his neck, and he looked at her so strangely, it was almost obvious that he hadn't said any of that."

Raina snorted at this. "Reggie must be a poet." She said, collecting her things, done with the conversation. 

"Jealous?" Madison asked, her arms now wrapped around Regulus' neck. Raina snorted once again. 

"Please, I'd sooner fuck Narcissa Black." And with that, she walked off to her common room.


Raina had just finished Charms when she made her way to the Slytherin common room, decding that she would skip dinner and catch up on her Transfiguration essay due in just two days.

She made her way through the portrait hole, walking towards the girls dormitories when she heard a voice from behind her say.

"You'd sooner fuck my cousin over me?" Raina turend her head to see Regulus smiling smugly at her, she rolled her eyes and kept walking.

"So you're talking to me again?"

Regulus shrugged, walking next to her. "Suppose so." Raina rolled her eyes. 

"Fuck off." She said, and continued walking. Regulus frowned, they where now just outside the dormitories.

"Why are you trying to ignore me?" He asked her, she stopped.

"Ha!" She scoffed. "Ignoring you? You've been ignoring me since the start of term! Forcing Evan to ignore me too! You promised! You promised you'd be there for me. Always! So please forgive me for 'ignoring you' Regulus, maybe it's because you've been ignoring me so tell me why that is."

"It's complicated." He told her. 

"Yeah, so I've heard." She scoffed again. "Why don't you go on and fuck Madison again!"

"Is that what this is about?" He asked. "Because I fucked Madison?"


"Because yeah, so we shagged, but I didn't say all that stuff that she said I did."

"Can I make it any more clear that I don't care?" She snapped. She tried to turn away but Regulus grabbed her wrist.

"Leg go of me, Regulus." She warned.


"Let me go, I mean it."

"I said no."

"Regulus I swear to Merlin-"

He kissed her. 

She didn't kiss him back, she pushed him off quickly, looking at him as if she were insane.

"I'm sorry." He said quietly. 

She stared at him for a moment, taken aback, angry, but... she kissed him.

They were going fast, too fast. Not breaking apart, the made their way into the boys dormitory, where, thank Merlin, was only occupied by Evan at the moment.

"Oh, hey Reg, I was just- what the fuck?"

Not breaking apart, Regulus gave him a stern look, telling him to leave, which he did.

Raina backed into Regulus' bed, falling on her back. He quickly removed his shirt and helped her remove her own, and began kissing her neck. Raina didn't know what she was doing, in the moment she didn't care.

Regulus gripped his headboard with both of his hands. She looked up and admired them. His pale arms and slender fingers, his veins showing through the skin. They were beautiful, his hands, she thought.

But as her gaze slowly shifted to admire his left arm, there it was, plastered across his arm, that evil snake slithering out of that skull. There it was.

You've got to be fucking kidding me.

A/N: Hello! I'm back. I'm so sorry to everyone who didn't get to read this chapter and was so confused when they skipped from twenty five to twenty seven. I've now backed up all chapters onto a google doc so that if this is to ever happen again, I will be able to put the chapter back up quickly. Thank you to all of my readers who were patient with me.

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