Twenty Eight

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[For some reason, half of this chapter was deleted, so I had to re-write it, if you've already read this chapter, sorry for giving you false hope of a new update.]

James was doing well to keep his promise to Raina. Considering she hadn't anyone else to be around, Raina began spending all of her time with the Marauders.

Eating meals with them at the Gryffindor table with them, to hanging out with them in their dormitory, (They had to use a magical map of the castle to make sure nobody was in the common room when they did this, since James wasn't able to continue to let her in without the the students bringing McGonagall into the matter.

Raina had spent so much time with the boys that she may as well throw on a red and yellow tie, and, much to Peter and Remus' joy, Raina and James didn't take long before becoming as inseparable as they were as children.

Though Raina did sleep in her own dormitory, and obviously attend her own classes, she still stayed with the Marauders as if she were on of them, that is, except for one night a month.

"I really can't come with you?" Raina pouted at James, who was just about to go off to the whomping willow with Sirius and Peter to accompany Remus during the fool moon.

"It's too dangerous, Raina." James said, pulling out a large cloak from his trunk.

"That's dad's invisibilty cloak!" She pointed at it in James' hands.

"So it is." He innocently said with a smile.

"I took the blame when it went missing!" She said.

"Did you? Huh." James said, more and more innocently, Raina scoffed, smiling.

"Look, wearwolves are not human-friendly." James said. "If he saw you, his first instinct would be to kill you, maybe even bite you, and I won't take that risk."

"Then I want to become like you lot, an animagus." She said, shrugging.

"No, Raina, it's really advanced magic." He told her.

"You managed it," She smirked, earning a glare.

"It took us years to master it." He told her. "By the time you get it right, we'll have graduated and it will be for nothing."

"Well, maybe I still want to be one." She shrugged. "McGonagall's an animagus, sounds fun."

"Then you can register legally when you're of age." He said. "Now, I'm off. Padfoot and Wormtail are waiting for me." And he left.

So, Raina was left alone once again, to roam the corridors.

She walked the grounds, the first floor, the second floor, but now she was on the third floor, finding herself in a dark corridor.

But this corridor had memories, memories no one would want to relive.

She knew exactly where it happened, but she couldn't bring herself to walk there. Then, she would really relive it.

The corridor had a kind of silence that was screaming at you, the kind of silence you hear when you're alone. She felt that silence, until she began to feel as if she were being watched.

Standing still for a moment, and reaching for her wand, the hairs standing up on the back of her neck were telling her that she was indeed being watched.

Quickly turning around, wand raised, Evan Rosier stepped out of the shadows, his arms up in surrender.

"Woah, calm down, it's just me." He said quickly.

Rolling her eyes, Raina dropped her wand. "What?" She bitterly asked.

"Just wanted to talk." He shrugged, hands in his pockets. " been a while since we've had a real conversation."

"And who's fault is that?" She hissed, Evan shrugged.

"Reg's." He said simply. "I thought it was stupid to avoid you, told him it would only do more harm than good, he was so freaked out about when you'd find out."

"He knew how I felt about it, and still went along with it so, frankly, I don't care how he feels about it now." He told him.

"So, what, you hate us now?" He asked.

"I'm disgusted with you." She told him, truthfully.

"So that's it? After everything, after six years, you're ruining our friendship?"

"You two ruined our friendship the second you joined him!" She said sharply.

"We've chosen our side!" Evan shouted. "We are noble, and pure, and we intend to keep it that way! For our families honour, and for our future!"

"You can marry into pure blood families without killing innocent people!" She shouted back, louder. "You will not win the argument, Evan, so enough!"

Evan closed his mouth and tightened his jaw, looking down. There was silence for a moment, before he spoke up.

"So... you and Reg?" He asked. "He told me you didn't shag, that you asked him to stop."

"No." She responded stiffly. "It was in the heat of the moment."

"Right.." He nodded, scratching the back of his head. "So, you don't feel anything for him?"

Rena thought about it for a moment, sure there were times when she were attracted to Regulus, who wasn't? And sure, maybe they had some kind of chemistry in their childhood, but when she really thought about it, Raina and Regulus' relationship was completely platonic.

"No." She said to Evan.

"Right," He said again. "Listen... er... Raina... you know Reg better than anyone, and I was just wondering if he ever mentioned having any...different interests?" Evan was looking down awkwardly as he asked.

"Different interests?" She repeated, confused.

"You know," He said slowly, "liking... other sorts... of people..?"

Raina blinked. "Are you asking me if Regulus is gay?" She asked.

Evan looked down, embarrassed, his ears turning bright red.

"Oh, my Merlin!" She gasped. "Evan! You fancy Regulus!"

"Do you think different of me-" He tried to ask, but Raina cut him off with a hug, jumping into his arms.

When she pulled away, she cleared her throat and said, "This doesn't mean I'm not still angry with you."

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