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Snape Memes by sara_failed
Snape Memesby sara
Snape memes!!!
  • harrypotter
  • severussnape
  • harrypotterpuppetpals
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Tutoring || Severus Snape x Reader || by uvisaa
Tutoring || Severus Snape x lilly
You a student... having a crush on a teacher? The coldest one of all no less. How will things turn out when you have tutoring sessions alone with him three times a week...
  • snapexreader
  • xreader
  • harry
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The Potion Master's Best Friend by ThorHairflickSnape
The Potion Master's Best Friendby ThorHairflickSnape
Julia Evermore is the lesser-known childhood friend of Severus Snape and Lily Potter at Hogwarts. When she arrived there, Lily left them and she became Severus' sole com...
  • preharrypotter
  • novoldemort
  • harrypotter
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To Be Little by nightwing2
To Be Littleby Alfred F. Jones
Harry Potter was severely abused. He is a little and afraid of what will happen when others find out. Snape is the first to care for him as Harry, not as the Boy Who Liv...
  • slytherin
  • dumbledorebashing
  • littleharry
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Mythic Alliance  by rosequeen14
Mythic Alliance by rosequeen15
They say there's no such thing as a magical Animagus. They're wrong. Harry Potter, Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy join together in an alliance no one, especially Voldemo...
  • slash
  • harry
  • no
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The Half Breed Princess (Snape X OC) (COMPLETE) by Snape_and_Malfoy
The Half Breed Princess (Snape X Snape_and_Malfoy
Her Name was Elizabeth Carlisle. A Pale, Silver-haired Vampire gifted with a rare, unusual gift that no other has ever possessed. She lived most of her life alone in the...
  • vampire
  • snape
  • hogwarts
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Devotion [Severus Snape Love Story] by Taishou_Angie
Devotion [Severus Snape Love Story]by 大正アンジー
"She is not a witch." Said Albus Dumbledore. "What are you saying, Headmaster? Her magic skills are undoubtedly at the epitome! I do not wish to offend yo...
  • voldemort
  • hagrid
  • sirius
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Don't Leave by The-Dark-Mistress
Don't Leaveby Ezra Hollow
Hermione is hurting. Ron doesn't understand her. Harry is having his own issues of nightmares and his miserable breakup with Ginny. Ginny is trying to sort out her sexua...
  • hermione
  • drarry
  • ronald
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A Potter Secret by ScarletWSilver
A Potter Secretby Scarlet W Silver
My life is full of magic. I was barely a few months old when you-know-who came and killed my parents. My brother, Harry, was almost four. They sent him away but I was to...
  • izzy
  • hogwarts
  • bella
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Tales of Two Prince's by MrsUrie-Stumph
Tales of Two Prince'sby MrsUrie-Stumph
What happens when the Prince of Slytherin falls for the disabled daughter of Professor Snape the last of the Prince line?
  • prince
  • lovestory
  • harry
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He Saved Me From A Beast(A Severus Snape Story) Book 1 [COMPLETED] by PrinceSevyHalfBlood
He Saved Me From A Beast(A Prince Sevy
She was a pretty girl from Durmstrang, i know what you're thinking, Durmstrnag was an all boys school, but no, they made an exception for her, but she got moved to Hogwa...
  • karkaroff
  • slytherinprincess
  • hogwarts
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Teacher's Wife by MadelineCourtney
Teacher's Wifeby MadelineCourtney
***COMPLETED*** The war is over. Voldemort has been defeated. And the accursed Marriage Law has been vetoed. All marriages due to the law are to be annulled. But what d...
  • wattys2016
  • snamione
  • hermione
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Severus Snape's Daughter  by livvy_stone
Severus Snape's Daughter by Livvy Stone
[BOOK ONE • HARRY'S FIRST YEAR] Severus Snape has a strict and evil personality that makes everyone think he's incapable of love. He only ever sheds his icy demeano...
  • hogwarts
  • fan
  • potter
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Hidden Intentions (A Severus Snape Love Story) by SLawton
Hidden Intentions (A Severus SLawton
Arabella Alice Rose, a notorious assassin known for being a skilled killer. What happens when Albus Dumbledore asks Arabella to spy on the spy? Will she fall for Severus...
  • hermione
  • dumbledore
  • voldermort
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Born A Snape, Raised A Snape by StarWarsisBae
Born A Snape, Raised A Snapeby Madi♠️
My name is Raven. Raven Lily Celestia Snape. Raised to be just as good as my father and better🐍 All the original characters and original plot that is in this story belo...
  • potter
  • voldemort
  • darklord
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Harry Potter Characters X Reader | Book 1 (Requests Closed) by dracoXreaders
Harry Potter Characters X Reader | ♡ Draco ♡
The title explains it all! OC x character are also included Requests are CLOSED - Highest rank: #3 in request (17 ~ 05 ~ 2018)
  • ronweasley
  • lunalovegood
  • severus
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Albus (A Next Generation Harry Potter Fanfiction) by clatoforeverx
Albus (A Next Generation Harry Ella
It's 19 years after Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort, and middle child Albus Severus heads for his first year amidst the Hogwarts community. However, when he gets th...
  • deathly
  • ron
  • generation
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The Secret's In The Telling ENG DRARRY by ShutUpAndDanceWthMe
The Secret's In The Telling ENG ShutUpAndDanceWthMe
Nie jest to moja praca, jednakze jest zbyt znakomita, aby nie pokazać jej większej grupie ludzi. Title: The Secret's In The Telling Authoress: Sakuri Rating: T Summary:...
  • snape
  • hogwart
  • war
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Delusion (A Severus Snape love story/Harry Potter fanfiction) by patdfanatic
Delusion (A Severus Snape love patdfanatic
It's Harry, Ron and Hermione's sixth year at Hogwarts. Along with Ron's twin sister Melody the trio are set for yet more misdemeanors. This year will prove more meddleso...
  • potter
  • harry
  • wattys2014fanfiction
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The Wolf's Howl by JK_PaRdOn
The Wolf's Howlby Min Naeki-Yeom
Mysterious invaders, dangerous attackers, and.....a fluffy Animagus? Severus x Harry, don't like don't read. Set in 8th year.
  • mystery
  • severussnape
  • harry
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