Thirty Seven

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[CW - Homophobic remarks, child grooming]
Note: No sexually explicit content is depicted in this chapter.

Evan Rosier kissed his first boy when he was twelve years old. It was second year, he had just won his first ever Quidditch match, the feeling was exhilarating.

Though Regulus was an evident quidditch prodigy, with skill and potential, he did not catch the snitch his first game, Evan however, was the pure embodiment of talent when it came to Quidditch; he was the youngest chaser on the team, the other two being in their sixth and seventh years.

Evan had scored sixteen out of the nineteen goals, while Gryffindor had played poorly, and neared the end of the game with only twenty points versus Slytherin's one hundred and ninety, and so, it was no problem that Gryffindor's own seeker prodigy, James Potter, had caught the snitch, earning them one hundred and fifty points, and ending the game.

This however, neglected to play in the houses favor, for Slytherin was still twenty points ahead. The win was a great victory, and something Quidditch history hadn't seen in many years.

Evan was celebrated for his success later that night in the Slytherin common room. A party had been thrown in his favor, it truly was quite the ego boost for an ambitious twelve year old boy. Green and silver confetti flew around, candle flames and light fixtures had been enchanted to glow the colour green, music played and Slytherin students of all ages chanted Evan's surname, they all surrounded him while he was in the center.

Raina and Regulus supported him the loudest, they were more than happy for their friend and even happier to show their pride. When the chanting had calmed down, and everyone began to enjoy the party for their own, Evan stepped down to be greeted by his proud friends.

"Honestly, Evan, I can't believe it!" Raina cried, jumping to embrace her friend. "Sixteen goals! Your first game! Can you believe it, Reg? I cant believe it!"

Evan chuckled. "Your confidence in me is flattering, really."

"Well done, mate." Regulus said. "Honestly, the Quidditch house cup will be ours this year if you keep up playing like that."

Evan smiled modestly. "Yeah, yeah. I just couldn't get enough of those stupid faces when Potter caught the snitch and still ended up loosing."

Evan was ravishing in the glory of his first great win, an excellent way to start off a Quidditch career, something he had dreamed of since he rode a broom for the first time.

At the sound of someone clearing their throat, the three heads turned to see seventh year Antonin Dolohov, the captain of the Slytherin Quidditch team, standing respectfully behind them. "Evening," He said charmingly. "Mind if I steal our star player?"

Raina and Regulus excused themselves and left Evan and Dolohov to talk on their own.

"Impressive plays out there on the pitch," Said Dolohov, rather pleased. "Should you keep playing like that and I should foresee you to be my successor."

Evan smiled proudly at these words. "I'd be honoured." He said eagerly.

"I'm glad to hear that." Dolohov smiled. He was charming as ever, and Evan had taken note of that.

"Say, would you care to join me in my dormitory, talk strategies? I've got some Fire Whiskey tucked under my bed, second years aren't supposed to be drinking, but for my star player? Well, I won't tell if you don't." He winked.

Evan looked over his shoulder to see Raina and Regulus talking with Narcissa, seemingly having a good time. He was sure they wouldn't notice his absence so long as he wasn't gone long. He turned his head back to Dolohov and nodded eagerly.

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