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Raina awoke in the hospital wing, feeling a sharp pain in the back of her head.

Feeling the back of her head to be greeted with the texture of cotton, she groaned quietly, causing the head of James Potter to snap up.

"Raina!" He quietly said, tightening the grip on her hand that he had held all night.

"What happened?" She quietly groaned, her vision blurry as she tried to blink away the wet fog in her eyes.

"Well... you-you got a bit angry with Sirius and he-well he threw you off of him. And you hit your head and... you started seizing." James was trying to talk as quietly as possible, not wanting to cause her obvious headache to worsen.

"Why would he do that?" She quietly asked, slowly turning her head to her brother.

"Well... you were hitting him and-he doesn't do well with that kind of stuff. I talked to him about it... he feels really bad... Moony says he didn't sleep a blink last night. He thought he killed you." James blinked away the tears from the memory of last night.

"You could have killed her, Padfoot!" James yelled angrily.

"I didn't mean to! She wouldn't stop hitting me! Why are women always hitting me?! I can't do this anymore, Prongs! I keep screwing up!" Sirius sat on his bed with his head in his hands. "I never meant to hurt her. I-I was just trying to get her to stop." He quietly cried as Remus and Peter looked at him with sad eyes.

James' angry face softened a bit, though his voice was still harsh.

"If you hadn't lead Snape to the Shrieking Shack-"

"Don't you think I know that, James?! Don't you think I've realized how bad I screwed up?! I feel horrible! I just wanted to scare the git, not put his life at risk!" Sirius shouted, standing up, moving his face into James'.

"I'm sorry! I don't think, I never think! All I do is make mistakes! I can't do anything right, and I'm sorry!" Sirius fell onto the ground and cried. He cried harder than the three had ever seen.

James felt horrible. He got down on his knees to face Sirius. "Padfoot, no ones mad at you, we're just... it's been a rough week. But my sister's in the infirmary and... I don't know what's going to happen to her. Madam Woolworth says she'll be fine but... she's my sister, Padfoot."

Sirius looked up at James with red puffy eyes. "I'm sorry." He quietly said. "I never meant to hurt her."

"I know." James quietly said with glossy eyes. He pulled Sirius into a hug. "I know."

"He could have killed Severus." She harshly said.

"He didn't mean too." James quietly defended him.

"It doesn't matter, James!" She tried to sit up, but the pain was horrible. She groaned in pain as she laid back down.

James put his hand over Raina's forehead, gently rubbing it. "You're too hard on him." He told her.

"He has no morals." She said angrily. "He acts in impulse and anger."

"He's been through a lot, Raina."

"That's no excuse! Why doesn't he think before he acts?" She asked. James had no answer. Because he didn't know. He didn't know why Sirius always acted in impulse. He never questioned it because that's what he loved most about him.

"That's just how he is Raina. We can't change him, we can't question him." He tried to reason.

Raina sat there, staring at the ceiling as a tear fell from her eye.

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