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I miss you too. Things aren't pretty. Sirius and mum are at it again. Things are getting darker around here. I hope your brake is doing better than mine.


Raina frowned at Regulus' note. She felt so horrible for him, she really wished he would've stayed at her home for break.

It was Christmas Eve. Raina had sent all of her gifts out to her friends. Raina and James were both in good moods, considering the spirit, and weren't in the mood to argue, so, like they did when they were younger, for the first time in five years, James and Raina were making Christmas cookies, but without the help of their mother this time.

"You're getting the flour every where, James!" Raina laughed.

"Because your big arse elbows are taking up all the room!" He retorted.

James was kneading the sugar cookie doe onto an excessive amount of flour, while Raina messily mixed chocolate chips into her own doe.

"Oi!" James jumped. "Watch your feet!"

"Then stay out of my way!" She laughed.

"Bigfoot," James muttered with a smile.

"Twat," Raina muttered back.

"That's it!"

James took a handful of flour and threw it at Raina.

Raina gasped, her eyes shut, covered in flour.

"You arsehole!" She screamed, grabbing her own handful of flour and throwing it at James.

"HA!" He laughed loudly, taking off his glasses that had shielded his eyes.

James and Raina continued to throw flour at each other, and once they ran out, they started throwing objects, and soon, it became war.

Laughing and ducking, hiding behind furniture, James and Raina continued to throw things at each other, screaming like little girls when one hit the other.

Euphemia stared at her children in horror as they destroyed the house.

"Should we stop them, Fleamont?" She asked, looking at her husband worriedly.

"Let them have their fun, Mia." He told her. "It's been far too long since they've had this much fun."

Raina and James were standing across from each other, spinning slowly in circles without breaking eye contact. Raina holding a sweeping broom from the kitchen by her waist like a sword, ready to strike it at James, while James, held a mop that he had fetched from the kitchen, ready to strike back at Raina as well.

"You don't want this, Potter." James threateningly told Raina.

"On the contrary, Potter, it's you who doesn't want this." Raina retorted with a deadly smirk.

"EN GARDE!" James shouted, and the two began fencing with their mop and broom.

Jumping on furniture and ducking away, the two continued to fence as their parents watched in horror and amusement.

"You're weak, sister!" James called.

"You're skills are nothing compared to me!" She shouted back.

The two continued until the Potter's doorbell was rung, and James' socks slipped on the coffee table, causing him to fall.

"You've... defeated me... well done, sister." He weakly said, before dramatically dropping his head on the ground.

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