Thirty Five

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James Potter woke early as he did every morning, much earlier than most in the castle. He used to sleep in, snoring and drooling on his pillow while the rest of castle ate their breakfast, however Seventh year brought quite the change upon James Potter when he was awarded head boy before the start of the year.

He had worked extra hard to fix his careless reputation at the end of sixth year, realizing that immaturity was what was keeping him from the one thing he couldn't have, but wanted the most, Lily Evans.

Lily had always been an excellent student. She worked hard and enjoyed learning, she was kind and respectful and devoted her life to her friends and her education. It took James six years to realize that an irresponsible git like himself couldn't possibly attract such a perfect girl.

Pranks were out, books were in. Sirius was quite disappointed to see his best mate and partner in crime develop such a commitment to his education, and loose his commitment to the mischievous life of the Marauders, but of course, for the girl his best friend loved, he supported.

Hard work and dedication payed off when James was titled Head Boy, and boy was he ready to tell Lily the news.

Her jaw would have hit the floor had it not been attached by the bone, when she saw James' smug face walking up to her, his pin shining right before her. She couldn't believe someone as ridiculous and stupid and arrogant as James Potter could have been given such a title.

Since the beginning of seventh year, James confidently approached Lily, his Head Boy pin gleaming as bright as his eyes when he looked at her, she was perfect in every way, his beautiful flower, never to be tainted, never to wilt, his Lily Flower.

She'd roll her eyes at the sight of him, not blistering his ego for a second, not a single thing she said could ever make him loose hope for their beautiful future together.

He'd offer his help or company for studying, he'd proudly show off his hard work and dedication, he'd happily and humbly admit when he didn't understand something, the perfect excuse to talk to Lily and ask for help.

Of course his attempts didn't work, not at first, at least, but that never held him back before, he wouldn't give up on his beautiful Lily Flower, how could he?

Over time, however, his hard work seemed to pay off, oblivious to him, he didn't notice the way Lily's eyes began to slightly light up when his voice was heard, how her cheeks began to gently flush at the sight of that James Potter grin, he didn't notice her extra glances in his direction from across the room. He didn't notice, but everyone else did.

One day James was approached in the library by Lily's best friend, Marlene McKinnon, a conflicted frown plastered on her face. He looked up from his book and smiled at her, charming as ever.

"I see you talking to Lily." She said suspiciously, her eyebrow raised.

"I'm always talking to Lily." Said James simply. "How can I not?"

"What are you playing at, Potter?" Marlene pressed, crossing her arms across her chest.

James shrugged. "Dunno what you mean, McKinnon. I've been after Evans since first year, why the sudden interest."

"Because you're different now." Marlene said obviously. "You aren't pestering her about going out with you or playing foolish pranks on the school, you only care about school these days."

It was true, James hadn't asked Lily out a single time this year, he'd decided that if he wanted to have her, begging for her attention wasn't going to get him anywhere, he had to earn it.

"I've decided that it's time to put my childish ways beside and focus on what really matters, it's my final year and I'd like to graduate knowing I worked hard to earn it, knowing that I deserve it."

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