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Raina slammed a pile of books on the Slytherin table in front of her best friend, Regulus Black.

"Ugh!" She shrieked, throwing herself on the dark wooden bench and dropping her head on the table with a thud.

Regulus amusedly looked at his best friend, a spoon filled with porridge in front of his face.

"You alright, princess?" He asked with a smile, taking a bite of his porridge.

Raina lifted her head to glare at her smiling friend over her books, his lips spread from ear to ear.

"Glorious." She growled before picking up a book on the top of the pile and opening it, aggressively flipping through pages.

"Look at this!" She yelled. "Gregory's Unctuous Unction, Fergus Fungal Budge, Skele-Gro!" She cried, continuing to flip through pages. "None of these potions have anything in common! And Slughorn expects us to study ALL of them?!"

Regulus tried his best to stifle his laugh as he took another bite of his porridge.

"What?!" She asked. "It's not funny, Regulus!" She said, throwing her book at him, knocking the spoon out of his hand.

He laughed, picking up the book and flipping through the pages.

"You really don't listen in class, do you?" He chuckled, receiving yet another glare from Raina. "It really is pretty simple you just need to-"

"Oh, shut up!" She shouted. "It isn't!"

He continued to chuckle as he flipped through the pages.

"Would you just like me to do it for y-"

"Oh, would you?!" She asked hopefully. He chuckled, running his fingers through his hair. "If you do my Herbology report on Venomous Tentacula." He bargained.

Regulus was known to be very talented in potions, which always annoyed Raina until he started agreeing to do the work for her, while Raina was exceptionally gifted in herbology.

"Yes! Yes, thank you so much!" She groaned, happy to write about any plant in the world if it meant being torn away from her potions work. "I swear Slughorn intentionally does this just to torture me."

"Raina, I don't think Slughorn's intentions are to torture y-"


Regulus was cut off by a young boy's voice, catching the attention of the entire great hall.


Raina quickly turned her head to see Severus Snape, one of her other close friends, being attacked by flying spoons, and turned her head to see the culprit of her friend's torment, James Potter. Her older brother.

"James!" Raina yelled, running over to her laughing brother, who was accompanied by his three best friends, Sirius, Remus, and Peter. Sirius stood next to James with a wide smile on his face, while Remus stood behind them, pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger, and Petter, who shyly stood behind Remus with a small, nervous smile on his face.

"What the hell are you doing?!" She demanded, grabbing her brother by the arm, pulling his attention to her as Severus quickly grabbed his bag and ran out of the great hall.

"Damn it, Raina!" Sirius Black cried, throwing his arms up.

"Now he's gone!" James yelled after him. "Why would you do that?"

"You were attacking him with spoons, James! Spoons!" She shouted.

"He deserved it!" He protested.

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