Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

              OLIVIA'S POV:

     Hesitantly, I step out of the car trying to be as discreet as I can and draw as less attention to myself as possible. Ryan and Sharon are having a stare off right now, and just looking at them stare each other down is making me feel extremely uncomfortable.

 "" Ryan says with a mixture of happiness and amusement in his tone. "What...I mean how...your dead."

"Nice to see you too Quimbee" she said. Ryan walks up to her and they both hug each other. Then the staring competition continues.

  Ryan uses his hands to wipe his eyes which are now staring in disbelief.

    If you think this doesn't bother me then you're totally wrong. This is Sharon – the dead girl Ryan told me was his girlfriend, people don't just wake up from the dead.

   So I guess I'm just going to stand here and watch them look at each other.


 Finally, Sharon darted her eyes to me. I do my best to adjust myself, flattening out my creased shirt.

"I see you have a friend?" she raised her eyebrows at Ryan, snapping him out of his gaze.

    "What? Oh yeah" he slightly turns to me. "This is...Olivia"

 "Hi" I say, I mean I don't want to act rude and all.

"Yeah" she said faking a smile.


 "Ok, well I should probably go" I said, finally breaking the silence.

 Sharon glances up at me. "Yeah, you should."

"Excuse me?"

"You know, so Ryan and I could talk."

       Uhm, who's she talking to?

"Yeah I get it, so you could explain to him how you rose from the dead." I say without even realizing. Bad idea.

"Are you trying to pick a fight with me?" she snarls, moving away from Ryan to step a few meters close to me.

"Oi! Sharon, calm down." Ryan grabs her by her waist and drags her back to where she originally was.

   Due to Ryan height and muscularity, I can't see Sharon behind his physique anymore, so I take slow and steady steps backwards, nearing the front door of the house.

     Nice Olivia, you manage to get into a fight with someone you just met. You should win a trophy.

    However Ryan starts talking to her in hush tone, and my jealous and intrusive self has to eavesdrop.

"What are you doing?" he whispers to Sharon.

"What...are you siding that? Didn't you hear how she just spoke to me?" Sharon whispers back harshly to his face.

    That. I guess I have a new nickname then.

  "I saw your note at the district, I didn't die Ryan." She said.

    What? A note? Now I want to spit in his face. He left her a note? And he told me she died? Then he dated me? We never should have kissed. You never should have kissed him back. It was definitely a mistake.

        I shake my head in disbelief, then turn on my heel and rush up the three large stairs to the front door. And I knock on the door.

   You could've been a little quieter and just pressed the door bell you idiot.

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