chapter 6

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Chapter 6

I twisted in my seat to look behind us.

"Where?" I said

"A black sedan" he said. "Three cars behind. Every time I change lanes, it shadows us"

"Are you sure?" I inspected each of the vehicles behind us.


"Did you see who's driving?"

"I can't get a good look at them."

"Well, step on it. Let's get out of here"

"I'm not speeding"

"Why not?"

"There are other cars on the road and I don't want to get into an accident."


"Why do you always say that word? Of cause I'm being serious"

"We're being hunted and you're driving below speed limit"

"We have to stay calm. We can't draw attention to ourselves"

"We're being followed. It kind of too late for that"

    He huffed. I twisted to the left, leaned over him and reached around his body

"What are you doing?" he asked, alarmed.

"I'm hugging you goodbye" I said "what do you think I'm doing? I'm putting your seatbelt on"

I pulled the belt across his chest and wrestled it to the buckle. Then I sat back and fastened mine.

"Seatbelts save lives" I said, annoyed.

   Ryan surveyed the highway and glanced in the mirror, then made an abrupt right down an off-ramp. I pressed my hand against the window to steady myself around the turn. In the side mirror, I saw a black car follow us down the ramp.

"Oh no" I whispered.

   The car's windows were tinted but I could see two figures in the front seat. We sped down and empty, darkened stretch of road. I heard their engine rev as they pushed in pursuit. In the side mirror their headlights rushed at us.

"Go faster" I blurted.

    They rammed us, smashing our bumper. The shock of it made my teeth crack against each other. Our car pitched forward but my seatbelt held my body down. I screamed, I drowing out Ryan's cursing. He wrestled with the wheel, trying to keep the car straight. I heard them accelerate to hit us again and I braced myself. When the strike did not come, I searched the side mirror for their light. The road behind us was empty.

"Where..." I started.

  I turned to Ryan and saw the black car pull up beside looked at us. Their car moved away and then veered back.

"Watch out!" I cried.

  Ryan jerked the wheel toward them and the vehicles crashed into each other, metal scraping metal. We were stuck together for a few seconds before separating and bashing again. As our vehicles played bumper cars along the road, I gripped my seat.

  Then Ryan pressed the gas pedal and our car jolted forward, edging in front of the black car again. His side mirror, which dangled b a cord, banged against his door. He gritted his teeth and grimaced. The road curved around a rock face and we could hear the rumble of approaching traffic. As we screeched around the corner, the black sedan car rear ended us again, propelling us into the other lane. The lights of an incoming truck behind us. It blurted its horn and I  gasped. Ryan swerved but it was too late.

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