chapter 5

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Chapter 5

    The day passed by really fast and we didn't leave the house. Later that evening I started to walk round the house, I felt so uncomfortable and I hadn't told Melanie and Mellissa about Ryan and I. I don't even understand Ryan and I so clearly I have nothing to tell the girls. I sat down and thought, what if Ryan took his chances, what if the kiss didn't mean anything to him just like it didn't to me. I think it was a mistake and he was a fool for doing that. I was so evolved in what I was thinking about that I didn't notice Alex come in.

   "Is everything ok?" He asked.

   "Oh yeah."

   "You seem worried"

"No, I'm fine"

"Olivia, listen if anything is bothering you; you know you know you can tell me right"

"I know, but I'm not bothered" I said assuring him.

"Okay if you say so"  I gave him a fake smile so he won't start questioning me again. he walked over  to the long sofa and sat down beside me. "So what have you humans been up to?" Was that meant to be funny?

"Uh, nothing I guess," I said. "When do we leave anyways?"

"You're going to have to be patient, you don't know what has been planned for you."

 It went silent as I took in what he just said. "W-what do you mean by planned for you?"

"Never mind, I don't want to scare you" he tried to change the topic but I insisted.

"Well I do mind"

"Okay, you know about the keepers right?" I nodded. "Their leader is victor Quimbee and just as the keepers the Arroni's also have a leader, the Empress. So-"

"So the Devida's have a leader? Well who is he, or she?"

"I don't know much about him but his name is Killian and I've never seen him before."

"You haven't, aren't you guys like meant to know your enemies?" I said.

"The vampires have no relationship with the keepers because we believe they took the witches from us. You see the witches helped the vampires break the curse, we could come out in the day, we could eat human food without it tasting like feet, we were practically like humans but feed on blood. But in the 1940's the witches changed, instead of using their power to help us they used it against us. We started to burn in the sun again and regain all our other vampire features, in the process a lot of vampires died. That's when Tamara came into the picture, she went to asked why the vampires were being punished and asked for forgiveness but the witches told her that they had to destroy something before it destroyed them, they didn't say what this thing was but they needed enough power to deal with it.

      Tamara was furious and pulled a very stupid trick. She told the vampires that the witches betrayed them and planned against them, that they were not to be trusted. Tamara found a way to rebuild the vampire race and that's how she became queen. After that she went completely crazy and banned all witches from coming to Canada."

"That is just-"

"Crazy?" He interrupting.

"I was going to say dramatic but crazy is good."

"The witches were nice and they were always good to us, they still are." He said.

 Something was just not adding up though, "Wait, your story, what does it have to do with vampires fighting with watchers?"

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