chapter 2

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Chapter 2

     First we stopped at the principal's office, actually Mellissa wanted to ask principal Danferb if we could have our tour, he accepted but said we should get back to class third period, we all agreed and started our journey.

   "So what's up with him?" I asked Mellissa referring to Ryan.

"Him, nah he's just moody, he's still trying to adapt to the new environment."

"Did you guys just move to Southfalls?" I asked.

"Hey that's not of your business" Ryan said with an irritated look on his face."No, I'm so sorry I didn't mean to get you angry."

"Yeah, we asked for a tour not for questioning." He said, still having that irritated look on his face.

    Even though Ryan was being a dickhead right now I just can't stop looking at his gorgeous face. Snap out of it, he's not your type.

"Ryan would you behave." Mellissa said, interfering. "I'm so sorry; he's just being a jerk."

 "No, it's nothing", I said to Mellissa, I was so happy she interfered, I didn't want to fight with someone I just met.

 I took them to the cafeteria, the library, the gym, the labs and all the other classes until the bell rang, meaning it was third period and the tour was over. I went to my next class which was English and to my surprise, Ryan and Mellissa were having the same class and for the rest of that day they had the same classes I had.

   When school was over I was about to leave class and head to my car, on my way out Ryan passed by me and I felt this electricity again. He turned to look at me in surprise, then turned back to the door and quickly left. I headed straight to my car, where I saw the most shocking thing ever.

 "Melanie?" I furrowed my eyebrow and narrowed my eyes to see clearly and it really was her.

    She had a big smile on her face and she looked so happy and healthy and not-dead. She isn't dead."Olivia it's me" her voice was shaky and she sounded like she was on the verge of crying as she ran to me, taking me in an embrace.

   I really couldn't believe it, after two good months she was still alive and healthy. She was back. "Oh my god where have you been and what happened to you, everyone thought you were dead."

    "I'm totally fine Olivia but, but we can't talk about what happened to me in public. I'll tell you everything when we get home" she said.

   "Okay lets go, come on" I was really happy to see her alive, I was glad I got my family back but although I was scared to find out what happened to her.

        Melanie and I live together because my parents died when I was one. Which explains why I have no memory of her, well I did have foster parents but they are also dead. Melanie's parents are dead too and we do part-time jobs that gets us little money, which we use to manage our house.

  When we got home I made some food for Melanie because I didn't know if she had eating or not, I provided all the necessities that she needed before I sat down to listen to her. "Why didn't you tell me?" I asked her wondering why she didn't bring it up first.

 "Tell you what?" she said.

 "Why didn't you tell me you had some power in you" I said "Did you think you could just keep it a secret and then you'll be just fine, those people could have killed us, they have magic and they just left us because they wanted to, they could have killed us and the police altogether, what in the world were you thinking."

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