Chapter 19

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   hello poeple, im updating chapters 19 - 21 today because i havent had time to update {my computer was taken away} but happy reading!!!

               Chapter 19

           RYAN'S POV:

      Ryan, could you be any stupid? What sensible person would ask that kind of question? I made her smile but I just had to spoil it with that stupid question.

    I look over at Melanie on that sick bed and I feel the need to protect Olivia. Because, if anything happens to another person I care about...

                I care about?

   Yeah, that's right...I do care about her. If I might not have made it obvious, here it is...I care about you Olivia Moore.

"Well, this isn't how I wanted to spend my afternoon." I eventually break the silence, and I make Olivia smile instantly.

      "What were you expecting?" she asked, raising her right eyebrow a little in amusement.

    "Definitely not...this." I said.

"You are crazy, you know that?" she said expressing her mind – that's another thing I like about Olivia; she isn't scared to share her thoughts, no matter how offensive they are.

    And at this precise moment, I want to kiss her so badly.

    "I-I know" I said, unknowingly that I admitted to her insult. I swallow nervously, however I can't keep my eyes off her lips. They look so welcoming.

    I think back to only moments ago, when my hand fitted perfectly in Olivia's, and I couldn't help but smile at the closure between her and I. Just one touch from Olivia made me go rigid with nervousness yet excitement. I've never felt that before.

   "Well that's your new nickname, crazy idiot" she laughs, bearing her straight teeth.

      And at those words, we both double over laughing, and it's the best laugh I've had in a while.

           Olivia is so beautiful.

   I try to get the image of Olivia's laughing self out of my head and replace it with food. But it doesn't seem to work, this makes me more eager to kiss her.

           You can't kiss her Ryan; you are her EX-girlfriend. Be a gentleman.

  Once her laughter has settled, I feel as if the room is becoming far too hot for my liking, due to my blood boiling right now. I tug uncomfortably on my collar while speaking to Olivia.

   "Do you want anything from the cafeteria?" I said.

   She shakes her head, "No thank you."

"Okay, I'm just going to get a bottle of water. Sarah, would you like to come?" I ask.

"I don't know if I'm allowed to leave here but I want to" she said.

"Then come on, let's go."

    I helped Sarah get up and we both were headed towards the door but I heard something speak. I turned to Olivia.

"Did you say something?" I asked.

"I said...thank you...for bringing them here." She said. "I definitely know I'm in good hands."

    Instantly I smile at her and my cheeks ignite with red. Awkwardly. I cough, before spinning on my heel and walking out of the hospital room with Sarah.

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