Chapter 15

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Chapter 15



   He stands only inches away from me, there are only one or two feet that separate our faces, however, I can feel that heat radiating off of his legs onto mine. His hands are only a few centimetres away from my thighs, and his breathe is slowly mingling with mine. He is that close to me. He chooses to be this close to me, because there is plenty of room in this gigantic kitchen, but instead he chooses to be this close to me. My heart jolts within my chest; it's beating so rapidly that I have to take several subtle deep breathe to calm myself down. He isn't going to make a move, Olivia stop dreaming.

   The area that Ryan held when he picked me up by my waist still burns, as if his hands left behind and infinite fire when they touched me. As I stare into his eyes, I can tell that he too is blushing as insanely as I am, and that his breathing is malfunctioning in the same way that mine is. He feels it too. Maybe he might make a move?

  No. He can't. I'm his EX-girlfriend {I repeat EX} I don't want him to think I'm crazy. No bloody way. So as it pains me to do the following, I bow my head to face away from Ryan and stare at my injured, plastered finger that is nestled cosily in my lap.

"I want to get down now." I speak, keeping my tone as steady as possible.

     Nevertheless, you can still tell – by the way my voice shakes and the warmth that is collected in my cheeks – that I'm nervous as hell. My heart is pounding so loudly that I can hear the pulse rates echo through my ears. However, I remember to breath, and slowly, the beats start to settle down. Ryan moves away from me, leaning against the countertop behind him and allowing me space to jump from the surface to the checkered floor. He, too, faces away from me. Is he embarrassed? Or is he annoyed"

    Inhaling deeply, I push myself off the surface of the kitchen counter and land onto the checkered black and white tiles beneath me, steadying myself on both my feet. I open my mouth, ready to speak to a very quiet Ryan who is now itching the back of his head, resultantly making his biceps bulge even more through his white T-shirt. Unfortunately, my lips seal together when I hear a rattle of noise coming from the patio door t my right. Ryan and I both stare surprised in the door's direction, and I can see three figures standing on the other side of the tinted glass.

      Alex, Mellissa and that Lucas guy.

     Pushing his weight off the counter behind him, Ryan strides towards the patio door as the three start knocking on the delicate glass. Lucas squeezes his fist into a ball and plans to bang against the door, only to pause in the action as Ryan opens the patio door for them, a confused look on his face.

"Why didn't you take the front door?" he accuses three of them, his eyebrows knotted together, puzzled.

"Because you locked the front door, idiot. Why are you so edgy?" Lucas said. And just as he asked Ryan the question, his eyes darted to meet mine, and the confusion plastered on his face instantly disappears.

      And I blush...who would've known? You're a pathetic excuse for a girl, Olivia.

"Are we interrupting something?" Mellissa asked, her head peaking into the kitchen to face my direction. "Lucas, Alex I think we should go"

"No." Ryan says automatically. "You can stay, and no, you're not disturbing anything. Olivia and I were just cooking lunch, you guys can help." He sighs, widening the door even more, in order for them to walk through.

    "Hi, Olivia, how are you now?" Lucas walks smugly towards, standing a little too close for my liking.

    "I'm alright, couldn't have been better" I reply, never minding the warm breath that seeps from Lucas's lips onto my face. I peak a glance in Ryan's direction to see his reaction, and he sure looks irritated. Alex shuts the patio door behind him and marches towards Lucas, shoving him away from – finally allowing me my personal space. I let out a grateful sigh.

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