Chapter 30 {Part II}

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DECEMBER 21, 2012.

All the elders and keepers assembled before me as I tried to explain the situation to them. The hall was filled with murmurs and curious keepers in need in answers.

"Everyone look, it's happening now. We all have to meet Olivia in the central park or killian and victor will let out so many Devidas we won't be able to handle."

The murmurs grew even louder and questions started popping up everywhere. A man with blonde hair and a pale face said, "We are going to die aren't we?" while another man said, "What about our children and our wives?"

I sighed and took a deep breath as I remembered Olivia's words, 'I believe you can lead them to safety.' I felt Mellissa hold my hand and Alex, Lucas beside me, looking at them all I smiled.

I looked up to the crowd and said, "Fellow keepers, we need not to panic instead we should take action. All our lives we have been trained to bring good to the world and so it is our job to stop this injustice. Darkness is slowly surfacing and we are all close to meeting our end but as scary as that may be we are not made of glass and we cannot be taking down so easily!" and with that the crowd went wild.

Cheering and clapping they all screamed "Yeah!" I took another breath sucking in enough oxygen as my confidence gradually grew. "I know that we all feel terrible because one of our one has turned against us and betrayed our trust but I want you all to know that everything that happens is all for a reason. Killian can take anything from us even family but he can never take away our power!" I continued.

"We all have the responsibility of the star and we are to keep it safe but right now the girl who carries that star is in grave danger and Olivia really needs us right now. Alex and Mellissa will make sure all the weapons are set and get all the men ready for war while Lucas and I will get all the women and children to safety." I said as they all started to follow the called people. "Once again be brave and have no fear but instead summon courage." But as I was about to leave one of the elders stopped me.

He placed his right hand on my shoulder and said, "Ryan Quimbee, well done son." He pulled me into a firm hug before going on. "The ancestors will surely reward you for the act of bravery you have shown, you have my blessings." He patted my back.

I gave a bow and walked away. I had to make sure that all the pregnant women and women unfit for war were comfortable in the tents with their children. I also had to persuade Sarah to stay behind because she kept going on about how she was indebted to Olivia but I eventually got a woman to take care of her.

As the women came I encouraged them to go quickly. "You'll all be safe in your tents." I promised and they did as they were told. "Don't come out, you have to wait to hear the big bell."

As they all went in one of them said, "God save you master." I supposed she was a servant and another said, "Thank you Ryan."

I replied them both with a smile and walked over to Lucas, it felt good to be good. "Hey do think our men are enough to fight?" Lucas said his eyes scanning the crowd of keepers.

"Yeah I actually thought about that, we definitely need back up." I responded to a now laughing Lucas.

His laugh eventually turned to cough and water began to release from his eyes as he tried to control himself. "How are we possibly going to get back up, the witches basically want nothing to do with us because of what your father did and the queen of the Arronis wants us dead remember?"

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