Chapter 21

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Chapter 21


I can't believe it. I must be dreaming, this can't be happening. But it's real.

   His lips are against mine moving together in perfect sync. His tongue washes over mine, mixing our saliva together. I know this is really disgusting and gross; I mean how can you share your saliva with someone else? But to me it doesn't feel gross, it feels perfect.

This is amazing.

As his body moves against mine, crushing me against the mirrored elevator wall behind me, a satisfying and lustful moan sounds from deep in his throat - it's a low and manly sound that makes me tug at his hair and the collar of his shirt even harder. After exploring his hair with my fingers, my hands travel down to cradle his face, moulding his lips even closer to mine.

I've never felt so infinite before in my life.

Unfortunately, the 'ding' of the elevator sounds again, and as rapidly as possible, Ryan unwillingly pushes himself away from me before the doors fully open. When he's on the other side of the elevator shaft, the door widely opens to reveal two nurses and a doctor. They enter the shaft with smiling faces and the blonde haired nurses presses the 'floor on' button, then the doctor presses the ground floor button.

I want to laugh at the fact that they are so oblivious to what has just happened in this elevator shaft between Ryan and I.

My eyes instantly glance in his direction to find him staring straight back at me, his hair is ruffled and his lips swollen. I manage to catch my refection in the mirror on the wall behind him and notice that I look exactly the same. After a moment of examining my plump, red lips, my eyes focus on Ryan's pupils that are gazing admirably and passionately into mine. I cough to hide the gasp that escapes my lips.

What just happened?

Did that just happen?

Oh my lord, I'm his EX-girlfriend. I broke up with him. You're such a dumbass Olivia.

I can't go around kissing boys whom I broke up with - but does it count if he is the one who came onto me?

You kissed him back you idiot, that's bad enough.

My eyes lower disappointedly to the floor, too embarrassed and ashamed to look at his. He probably thinks I'm a confused girl who doesn't know what she wants. However, I still can't help but hear the little voice in my head that kept screaming at me while our bodies were against each other as he kissed me.

He likes you, he likes you, he really likes you! It repeatedly yelled into my ears, deafening me with happiness.

The elevator first stops at level one, where both the nurses exit, smiling and chatting to each other. Then, the elevator reaches the ground floor where Ryan gestures for the doctor to step out before we do. With a 'thank you' and a nod, the doctor steps onto the ground floor and walks towards the reception area of the hospital.

Too busy watching the doctor stride away, my head snaps abruptly towards Ryan in surprise when he slides his hand into mine and intertwines our fingers. Since he is standing so close to me, his large and muscular physique hovers over me, too tall that I have to crane my neck to look up him. His sides are glued to mine as he squeezes my fingers and pulls me along with him, as he walks out of the elevator and through the reception area.

He doesn't say a word, and I'm grateful for that because I still haven't understood why I KISSED Ryan FREAKING QUIMBEE. Instead his thumb rubs soothingly against the back skin of my hand, and it makes me giddy with joy.

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