Chapter 14

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     Ryan, you truly are dickhead.Yes, yes you are. A big one.

   I climbed the stairs in utter shock of what I had just said to Olivia. How stupid could I get? I should be the ultimate who knows girl-kind the best, and do not {I repeat, do not} talk to them degradingly, and crush their self-esteem. Most of them are insecure to start with. So, basically, if you don't want them to starve themselves, or load on a ton of make-up that makes them look like a drag queen, don't talk to a girl in the way I've just spoken to Olivia.

 The words that escaped my mouth – and probably offended Olivia in some way – were most definitely untrue, and I do not have a clue as to why I said them. I guess Olivia's sudden 'hard to get' mode is wearing off on me. But why would I need to play the hard to get game with a girl when back at the district I have a dozen queues' of girls lining up to be with me – even if it's a gentle fling or one night stand.

     Because you're talking about Olivia, asshole. And Olivia is different from the other girls.

   What I said, about her not being sexy and not attracting me in anyway, was a total lie. I hope she noticed that. Or maybe she didn't? By the way she defended herself against my words, and the way that she most definitely thinks that what I said about her is true.

    But it's not. Goddam it, what I said was the total opposite of what I really think.

     When I saw her midriff, her inner-belly button, her delicate and smooth skin that shone with the afternoon sunshine, I could not stop my eyes from staring. Her abs perfectly fit for her. Again, that shows the feather-like feminine side of her, the pretty side of her. Of course, when she caught me staring, she instantly blushed – which I always find adorable in a girl – she is overly confident for her own good and even with these entire things popping up, she handles them maturely.

    Olivia, man. why the heck are you messing with my brain?

      Ryan, man. Why the heck did you that to her?

    Once I reach the hallway, I unknowingly move through the hallway to my right and past the dining room, until I find myself in the gigantic kitchen. In the middle of the black and white checkered flooring stands a rectangular shape countertop, with a fitted sink grown into it. Without properly thinking about what m hands are doing, I open the tap and watch the cold water pour and splash onto the steel sink below. A few droplets of water land on the black countertop surrounding the sink, so I wipe them away with my finger tips, and through the wet streaks on the marble countertop, I see my reflection.

    What the hell is wrong with me? Olivia broke up with me.
  So why am I unnerved, and angry about my previous actions?

     My eyes shamefully avert from my reflection, and instead, I stare into drainage hole of the sink while leaning my hands against the countertop either side. I sigh, a long heartfelt sigh that is so deep that I start to feel a little light headed. Instinctively, I rub my forehead with the heel of my palm, calming my headache only by a little bit. I have a lot of things to worry about, and Olivia is one of them.

   Speaking of the devil, I hear the faintest of footsteps around the corner of the hallway and enter the kitchen. Quickly my eyes flicker to examine her face as she enters through the large kitchen door, staring around the room with puzzlement plastered on her face. Her wandering head finally faces mine, and her eyes widen slightly, as if I'm the last person she is meant to see here.

"Oh..." she says, a little confusion ringing her voice.

            I can't stop looking at her.

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