Chapter 29

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  I saw him, a man in black tucks with a skinny tie around his neck, my father whom I hadn't seen for four years now. It really didn't matter though because he always called Mellissa and I, asking how we were.

   You see my father was absolutely devastated when my mother died; he was on lock down for almost a year - that was like rehab for keepers - and even almost tried to kill himself. The elders said he was okay enough to take care of us, so we were sent to Southfalls to live by ourselves.

   It really felt good to see him smiling again, in fact it more than good.

"Are you going to give your father a hug or just stand there?" he said with a wide smile forming his lips, and his arms hanging out in the air to hug me.

  Without even thinking about it I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around him, embracing him into a hug with my lips tugging into a smile too.

  After a while though, I let him go. "How are you?"

"Well, I've been worse but now that my children are here, I just feel great." He responded.

   I suddenly remembered that Olivia was also there. "And this is Olivia Moore." I said gesturing my hand towards her.

   I watched as he darted his eyes to her direction and raised his eyebrow. "This is Olivia?" he asked walking towards her. "She is as beautiful as you said she was."

   I love my dad but he gets really annoying sometimes, I mean there are some things you don't just want coming out of your parents mouth. I slowly looked over to Olivia and she was slightly blushing, her cheeks high, tinted with red, all that. I wasn't lying, she really was beautiful.

  "Thank you sir." She said.

"Oh just call me victor." My father corrected. "And who is that?"

He walked over to Sarah and knelt down in front of her, making him the same height with her.

   "I'm Sarah." She smiled.

"That's a lovely name," he said smiling back. He got up on his feet and looked around the surrounding until his eyes spotted Elizabeth. "Elizabeth? Is that really you?" he asked joyfully.

   He wrapped his arms around her in an embrace. "Are you okay? We haven't heard from you in a long time." He went on.

  "Yes I'm fine victor, how are you?"

"Well you know I've been working, killian has been a real case lately and we're really trying to track him down."

   "I understand but if you need help with anything, I'm here for you." Elizabeth offered.

  Victor pulled her to him again, holding her in a tight hug. "Oh I missed you so much. I couldn't stand to think that you were actually going to die down there with all that torture."

   Elizabeth rolled her eyes and said, "I'm a big girl okay, and staying in the underworld for a short period of time can't kill me." She laughed.

  "So you were the one that got murdered by that man." A familiar voice said, a voice belonging to a very confused Olivia.

  I really didn't understand her for a while but later on I got it. "She was the woman in Olivia's vision right?" I asked just to be sure.

   "Yes, well I couldn't see the face but now I know it was you."

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