Chapter 17

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Chapter 17


We got to the traffic lights at the end of the road, and I gently press the breaks. I glance at Olivia and sitting here in the car with her, make me feel amazing. Luckily she was staring out of the window, unknowing that I'm staring at her. My eyes wonder over her defined cheekbones, her cute chin, and her brunette hair that's tucked behind her ear, her long and striking neck. But, like the gentleman I am {as if} I don't look lower than her neck...She's not my girl anymore so I can't do that.

I swallow...she's not my girl anymore...

I wish I can break the silence between us, but my body is so stiff and the air that lingers my body is so stiff and the air that lingers around us is so tough that I'm afraid something out of mid air will suddenly appear and bite my head off for annoying. I'm sorry Olivia, I'm really really sorry.

"Take me back, Ryan." Her head turns, allowing her eyes to meet mine.

I blush because she just caught me staring at her, but the blush soon disappears when I make sense of her words. She says them so delicately that I mistake them for nice words like 'you look nice, Ryan' or 'you're gorgeous, Ryan'...but she said the complete opposite.

"Take me back, please." She repeats, turning her head in the direction of the road ahead of her.

"What about lunch?" I said.

"I'm not hungry"

"What about Melanie?" I come up with another excuse.

"She'll understand."

"Olivia, wh..." she cuts me off before I can finish my sentence.

"I want you to take me back" she orders fiercely, but her temper is sturdily under control.

I sigh; this girl really is a handful.

"Would you go if I told you I'd come along?" I question, a smug smirk appearing unto my lips.

Her eyes meet mine again and she wears the most disgusted look I've ever seen her wear...and that's saying something. The traffic lights turn from red to amber, and finally green; I press down on the gas and take a right turning.

"Are you joking? Did you really just ask that?"

I laugh at her confused face...I'm guessing she really doesn't want to go to lunch then.

"Why don't you want to go?" I ask. "Just give me a reason, then I'll take you back." I finish, waiting for a response.

She's quiet for a moment; her expression seems deep in thought. Cutely, she bites her lower lip, and then slightly turns her whole body to face my direction. Now I have Olivia's full attention...and may I just say she looks simply amazing today. Ryan, you twat.

"You really want to know why I don't want to go?" she said, pronouncing every syllable of every word perfectly.

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, earth to Ryan! You're staring at her freaking lips you idiot. Damn it.

I turn my eyes onto the road, safely away view of Olivia's plump rosy lips that are moist from the swipe of her tongue. "Yes, I want to know why, you seemed up for it earlier, what happened?" I raise my eyebrows, peaking a glance at her adorable face.

One word Ryan, GAY.

"You happened." She said abruptly, causing me to twist my neck so quickly in her direction that it clicked, and I tried to cough away the sudden pain. "You pissed me off." She continues.

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