Chapter 16

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Hi guys, I added casts to my book so you could know how Olivia and Ryan look like. I'll show you how the others look like later.
Happy reading!!!



After dressing out of the pyjamas I was wearing - which apparently belong to Mellissa - another one of her outfit. Actually, she does have sense of fashion - meaning she has black coloured clothes.

Quickly, I glance at myself in the mirror, checking my hair that's neatly tied into bun, and make-up free face {that look atrocious, but it's not like I have any make-up on me}. I sigh quietly to myself, while pushing my fringe back from my face and behind my ear. I glance at the clock above the messy California king bed and see that the second hand indicates it's half past one...Ryan's going to be pissed. And my predictions are proved correct when he shouts from download.

"Olivia, hurry the hell up!" he calls from downstairs in the hallway, where I'd left him when I agreed to his offer of taking me out to lunch.

I know what you're thinking...IS THIS A DATE?

But no, it's not a date, no. He simply offered to feed me before I go to Melanie, and that's it. Yet, part of me wants to think that it's a date, part of me wants it to be a date...But it's not, and it'll never be. Olivia, I hate you and I wish you had more dignity.

"Olivia, let's go!" Ryan called once again, and this time I really do leave my reflection in the mirror and walk towards the room door.

Once I climb down the stairs, I notice that Ryan is waiting quite impatiently by the living room door. His arms are neatly crossed over his chest - causing his biceps to bugle - and an expressionless look on his face. When he saw me he just glanced. Did Ryan just eye me up? I think he did...

When a blush rising in my cheeks, I follow Ryan's footsteps out of the house, never pealing my eyes away from the muscles in his back that contract and relax as he strides his way to the window. he turns his hand to me and extended his other hand towards the wide open door, as if to say 'ladies first'. With a twist of the doorknob, the door closes.

"You ready, clumsy?"

"Don't call me that." I snap.

I climb down the outside stairs, and then I turn abruptly to face Ryan.

"Oh, Ryan, you're really pissing me off right now." I said.

"Why? Because I call you clumsy?" he glances over his shoulder towards me as he inserts clicks on the unlock button on his electric key of the car. Its headlights blink alive, and the doors all unlock.

"Yes, because you call me clumsy." I scurry towards the passenger door of the car and open it to climb into the sleek, black leather seats of the fancy sports car.

"But you are actually clumsy." He too climbs into the car and closes the driver's door at the same time I close my passenger door. He turns the key in the ignition; his eyes and focus is not on me one bit.

I sigh; agitated at the little attention Ryan is paying towards me. "You are kind of getting annoying"


His head twists to face me in surprise. He carefully and seductively licks his lips, and on cue the butterflies flutter inside me. Why do you have to look this amazing as I'm trying to argue with you?

"I'm not a great fan of you either." He replies bluntly.


"Why are you taking me out to lunch then?" I ask, irritated.

"I'm not; I'm dropping you off at the hospital. Sarah is there so you all can have lunch together." He says, and I instantly want him to take the words back. I want him to have lunch with us.

"That's not what you said earlier."

"Change of plans."

And with that sharp and painful conclusion, he steers the car into motion.

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