Chapter 18

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Happy New Year to you all. I really wanted to post yesterday so I tried staying up all night writing this and the following chapter, but unfortunately it didn't happen. This book is my 2014 achievement so it means a lot to me, keep on reading. BLESS YOU.

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Chapter 18

The engine dies, and so does my stomach. I don't know why but I'm scared to see Melanie.

I'm quite confused to why I'm scared, if I can believe nothing bad has happened then it shall be so. Yes, definitely terrified. I feel like I'm about go into a huge, huge surprise that I wouldn't be able to handle. Or maybe I'm just over thinking.

Stop thinking weird thoughts you idiot.

"Come on then." Ryan said, startling me and resultantly making me jump in my seat.

My eyes lock with his, and humour fills his expression at my overdramatic dump. Eugh, he must think I'm a freak.

"If I ask another question would you bite my head off?" I speak vulnerably, biting the inside of my mouth in anticipation for his response. I wouldn't be surprised if he smacks me around the head, I've been asking questions today.

And I've just remembered that the McDonalds chips are getting cold, damn.

"Really, Olivia? Why in the world would you think that" he said. "What is it?" he scratched the back of his head and he leans back in his seat.

I should just shut up and follow him in, yes that sounds like a good plan.

"Uhm...never mind" I said and I decide to just suck it up and go to Melanie.

Oh, this is going to be tough.

"Well...ok, come on then." He opens his driver's door and steps out into the afternoon sunshine.

I do the same, adjusting my {aka Mellissa's} designer jacket, before shutting the car door and turning to face Ryan. Due to his length, his chest, shoulders and head are visible over the roof of the car; however I have to tip toe in order to see him. And when I see his face, I feel shocked. His jaw his clenched, but not in an angry or aggressive way, and his expression is bored until he realizes that I'm looking at him. With a press of the electric car key, the car headlights flash twice, indicating that the door is locked.

"You ready?" he asked, placing the keys into his pocket.

"You're asking me that as if something bad is going to happen." I reply, still nervously chewing on the inside of my mouth.

"What, no." He said, looking down at the ground.

"Ryan, I..."

"Come on." He cuts me off, turning away from the car and walking towards the entrance of the hospital. After a few strides, he glances back over his shoulder to look at me, as I stand perfectly still like a statue.

What an idiot, Olivia.

"Do you just to stand there or are you coming?" he smirks, his eyes gazing into mine. Although I would've opted for his offer, I don't think the offer was an option in the first place; he's just teasing me.

Instead of annoying him, I pace quickly until I reach his side. After the smirk widens on his angelic face, we both start to walk together towards the hospital. My heart is pumping more than an excited child pumps a balloon with air, resultantly making me sweat like a pig and swallow like a maniac drinking gallons of water.

"Are you nervous?" Ryan speaks, his hand now buried in his pockets of his trouser, and his tall, manly physique is towering over me as he glances down in my direction.

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