chapter 4

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Chapter 4

       Twenty five 25 minutes after Ryan left; I was walking round the house aimlessly. I went up the stairs and walked into a room where I saw a picture of a guy that looked a little like Ryan, maybe that was his cousin, he never told me his name though. Beside it was another picture of Mellissa and the same boy kissing, that wasn't really Cousin bonding. 

        I was looking at all the pictures on that table until I saw my reflection in a full length mirror right beside it. I didn't look like me, well I still had the indigo eyes but I looked different, my hair colour change to brunette, I was no longer pale and the scar that I got when I was eight, on my face, right beside my ear and on my back were gone. I had no pimple, no rash, nothing, it was just a different me. I looked like I was taller and skinnier; I also looked prettier than ever.

     while I admired the new me in front of the mirror, I heard the door downstairs open and boy was I scared. I went down the stairs. "Ryan? Ryan is that you?" I said.

 There was no reply so to be on the safe side I went to the kitchen and got a knife, which I used as my weapon. I went towards the door but when I opened it, there was no one there. I gently closed the door, then I locked it with the key, but when I turned I was in a for a big surprise. saw four golden eyed creatures, like the ones from my dream and as soon as they spotted me, everywhere turned fogy and they began to come closer.

     I tried opening the door but the handle broke and with the handle in my hand, I threw it at one of the creatures which distracted the others. I ran to the back door but it was also locked and there was no key that I could use to open it so I found my way to the stairways and ran upstairs to the room I was previously in and locked the door behind me. I kept the knife with me in my white shorts and covered the handle with my shirt; I carefully went back and stayed beside a window. I was so scared that I didn't even notice when one of the Devidas  broke the door open and walked in as the others followed. The first one started the spell, the one that they previously tried to use on Melanie and as he spoke his snow flake bodies started to change into human form. I had never seen anything like that before, it was terrifying.

    He grabbed my left hand, and pierced it with he's nails which caused me to bleed and he lifted my bleeding left hand up and smiled a very devious smile before he really began chanting, "Evocatio spiritualis de ultimum stellam, virtus in astra" he said.

       He repeated it two times but when he was about to say it the last time I took out the knife I had hidden in my shorts and stabbed his chest. As he fell to the ground, black goo flooded the carpets and in anger the other three attacked me, everywhere turned fogy again causing me to only see their bright golden eyes. One of them smacked the knife out of my hand, and it collided with a vase, then another one put its freezing hands on my neck. What was he going to do? Kill me?

   I used my hands to push him back and kicked the others when they tried to attack then I opened the window next to me and tried to get out but I could only make it to the centre of the window. One of the creatures aimed at me as I tried to get out, it put it freezing hands on me pulling me back but I struggled for my freedom and life. I kicked it with my leg, causing it to fall again and it was really fogy and I couldn't find way back to the door so I stayed at the window.

        Do I jump? No ill die, but I was already dead so I can give it a shot. I sat on the centre of the window preparing to jump - it was really uncomfortable but I had to manage -and then I jumped down from the window and landed on the hard ground.


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