Chapter 20

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We have come to the end of the romance between Olivia and Ryan for now. I absolutely loved writing this chapter. I hope enjoy it! LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE.

      Happy Reading!!!

                    Chapter 20

                 RYAN'S POV:

   His hand was on her waist. I repeat, his hand was on her waist. Didn't catch that? HIS HAND WAS ON HER FREAKING WAIST.

   And here I was, about to walk through the door calmly and gently with Sarah. Walk up to Olivia, and do something that I've been wanting to do for the past couple of hours, ever since I walked out that door I guess...I wanted to tell her how I really felt, and I wanted to really know why we broke up in the first place.

    But now the almighty Lucas had to intrude and ruin the moment.

                WAY TO GO LUCAS.

   I clear my throat loudly, trying as hard as I can to not let my anger and jealousy show through my piercing eyes. But due to the way Olivia is staring at me now – with a hesitant stance and guilty expression – I'm pretty sure I look like Hulk just before he's about to transform into a green monster. That's because Lucas over here is feeling up Olivia.

              For Christ's sake dude, you really need to chill. His hand was only on her waist, no big deal...

          No big deal...My ass.

   If any guy is going to touch my girl then...

Holy mother of Christ, did I literally just say that? What's wrong with me, Olivia isn't 'my girl'. Although I do wish...

                     Shut the heck up.

   "There you are" Lucas greats me as I clutch onto the bottle of water in my right hand, sending all of my angered energy towards my hand to squeeze the plastic even tighter until it made a cracking noise. I sensed something move from beside me and I saw Sarah sneak to her bed and wrap the cover cloth around her body while she watched us.

      I darted my eyes back to Lucas. "What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I was bored and I decided to come"

     Ok don't get me wrong, I like Lucas as if he was my brother, but he just pissed me off by handling Olivia like that.

     A message to all guys out there, just because you see an attractive girl, does not mean you have to put your HAND ON HER WAIST? No.

"You two seem to be getting a little bit cozy." I said. Olivia's eyebrows furrow at me as she takes in what I've just said, and then the blush comes on, and I can't help but smirk.

      Olivia, I do like making you blush. It's adorable.

    "Wow, dude. No need to get offended." Lucas said as he steps away from Olivia with his hands up as if to surrender to police officer, and soon my death grip on the water bottle in my hand loosens slightly...only slightly. "I was just trying to help her."

  "Help her what? Get into your pants?" I smirk smugly, and caught Olivia rolling her eyes – her cheeks can no longer stand the amount of red blood that's pouring into them.

   "Um, Ryan, shut up." she said confidently, placing her hand on her hip like a diva. "The curtain fell on me, and he was trying to help me out. Okay?"

 "Sure princess. But don't mind me, you two can happily get married." I state smugly, obviously I'm still jealous, but I wouldn't be 'Ryan Quimbee' without a little bit of jerk on the side of my personality.

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