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"I was there when it all happened but I couldn't do anything about it, sitting in my tied up chair got me really scared. They were four in number and they said something about a stars power inside her, that if they didn't kill her they wouldn't be doing what was right. I tried asking questions but they were all replied with the same answers. I didn't believe them, how could I? She was my best friend, like a sister to me and I didn't think killing her would be the right thing to do. They started speaking in a different language like they didn't want me to understand them or they were doing a spell on her, I think it was Latin or so I don't really know.

'Evocatio spiritualis de ultimum stallem, virtus in astra' was what they kept chanting, it was repeated over and over again and I noticed it was affecting her in some way. She looked like she had been drained of energy and then she fell. I remember they weren't looking at all happy, so they carried her and ran off before you came in" I explained to the sheriff.

"I'll see what I can do about this okay, thank you for talking to us." He said. I know he thinks I'm crazy, they all think I'm crazy. I got up from the chair I was sat in and shook the sheriff's hand before leaving his office. My name is Olivia Moore and this is my story.

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