Chapter 27

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                 Chapter 27

       I gasped for air as my eyes shot open. The garden and every other thing surrounded me. I was back at Ryan and Mellissa's house. I made it alive, I didn't die. My skin was dry; my feet were planted firmly to the ground.

   I jumped and caused a cup to drop from the table.


      I looked away from the broken cup that was now in piece on the ground and found Ryan looking at me. His green eyes were wider than usual, and his mouth was set in a worried line.

   Behind him, there stood Alex with the same worried expression on his face.

      I breathed heavily. "What the hack happened?"

  "I could ask you the same question" Ryan said worried.

  How the hell was I meant to explain? I couldn't just say I was sucked into flashback back or vision or whatever that was. I'm going crazy.

     Snapping me out of my thought Elizabeth said, "Olivia, what happened?"

   I looked back down at the broken cup. Water was seeping out through the crack, forming a puddle on the floor.

   What happened? I thought to myself, well let me see. I got sucked into a tunnel, hit my face on the ground, and watched a woman being murdered. All I got to come out of my mouth, though, was, "I-I..."

   "Did you see a vision?" Alex asked, speaking slowly like I was incompetent.

   "Yeah. I mean, at least I think I did."

 "And you were able to come back," he stated with amazement.

   A thought came to mind, if I saw a vision what does that mean? "Wait am I a-"

   "Psychic?" Ryan cut off. "I doubt it"

   Hearing that actually relaxed me, until a loud crack suddenly echoed through the room, scaring me death. I jumped and ended up ramming my shoulders into Ryan's chest.

   "Sorry," Sharon apologized, as she crossed over the pieces of glass on the stairs to the house and stepped down with Sarah in her hand.

   I let my breathing slow down.

 "I'm going to take her out, and see if I can get her to calm down" Ryan announced.

       He led me to the gate. He made me wait there while he checked inside the GTO to make sure everything was safe. Once he gave me the go ahead, I went outside, and we climbed into the back seat of the car.

    Both of us were quit for awhile, the night spilling through the lab of the car, I could barely see anything, which did nothing for my nerves.

   "So what did you see" Ryan finally asked.

 "Um..." I fumbled for some sort of words that could explain the horrible scene I had just been forced to watch. "Something... you know, I'm not sure I really want to talk about it."

    "Well, you have to," he said. "If you saw a vision, I need to know what happened. It's important."

  I massaged the sides of my temples and sighed, "Fine."

      I gave him a recap of every detail I could remember about the vision, except the part where I suspected the woman to be Elizabeth. I didn't want to sound delusional.

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