chapter 3

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                                                                       Chapter 3

I came downstairs at 3:15am; everyone was asleep so I watch some TV. God knows if that would be the last time I'll ever watch TV. I got hungry, so I went to the fridge and got a snack. An hour past by, and it was 4:00, I was about leaving to go to my room, until I saw Ryan standing at the stairways.That was really creepy, he needs to stop staring.

"What?" I asked


"Then stop staring" I said feeling irritated.

   It was silent for while, then I made an attempt to leave the scene. Ryan grabbed my hand, pulling me back to my previous position. I felt that electricity again.

  "What are you doing down here?" he said

"If I can remember correctly, this is my house so I can go anywhere I want."  I made another attempt to leave but he stood in my way. What is wrong with him?

"Don't try to act tough with me okay." he said.

 "Can I go now?" I said, with an attitude. He moved aside, and went to sit on the couch and I went to my room, and locked the door; I started to remember all what Ryan had just said. I remembered how he looked, how he spoke to me.

"I'm not falling for it." I muttered.


It was 6:30, the sun had risen and everyone was ready, except me.

"Hey." Melanie said, smiling.

I smiled back but I was forcing it. "Where are those two?"

"They're downstairs, packing a lot of bags." Melanie said "look, I'm really sorry I didn't believe you."

"It ok, just forget about it."

I went to the bathroom, while Melanie picked out something for me to wear, it was a black crop top, with white shorts, then we both went downstairs. It was really messy downstairs, the kitchen was in disorder, the couches were torn, the tables were broken, and it looked like I was living in a dumpster. "What is the meaning of this?" I asked.

"We don't want the Devida's to trail us." He merely said.

"What does that have to do with breaking my building?"

"Easy, so they wouldn't find any trails, you know you should be thanking me." He said with so much confidence and I wanted to smack the smirk on his face off.

"This is ridiculous." I said "and you let him do this Mellissa?

"Well, he is right." Unbelievable.

"Are you kidding me?"

    Ryan still had this smirkish smile on his face, which irritated me. "So, where are we going?" Melanie asked, trying to drop the previous topic.

"Delaware" Mellissa said.

"We have a cousin that stays there, he could give us weapons." Ryan said.

Slowly the view of Ryan started to fade and looked really blurry. At first I thought it was as a result of me not wearing my glasses but then I was feeling really faint, I started to gasp for air and then I fell. I could hear Melanie's voice but I couldn't talk back or see them, I could also hear Ryan and Mellissa arguing.

"You stressed her out" she said.

"How was I supposed to know she would take it serious."

All of a sudden, I heard Melanie scream."She not breathing" she said, she sounded very scared.

      What the hell, was I dead? I couldn't have been because I could hear them. Maybe it was my ghost. At this time I didn't know what to think. I couldn't hear them again and I just saw black.

         Some hours later, I opened my eyes, and I saw Ryan, sitting on a log of wood.  I thought we were in the woods, but when I turned my head, I saw a small house. Ryan turned his head and saw that I was up, but he didn't say anything, no hello, or how are you? He stared at me.

"Hello to you too." I said, trying to get up.

   "What are you doing?" He said.

"Climbing a ladder, what do you think I'm doing?" I said, giving him an attitude. I tried to get up, but I was too weak, I just kept falling down. "Won't you help me?"

"Not with that attitude." He said.

"Fine, please can you help me get up?" I said, sounding polite with a big - fake - smile.

      He smiled then leaned forward to help me get up. He grabbed my arms and pulled me up. "Where are Melanie and Mellissa?" I asked, as I sat.

"They left with my cousin to get the weapons, but they wouldn't be long."

"Wait, they left me here with you, oh no." I said. I put hand on my chest, to feel my heart beat but there was no heartbeat, I couldn't feel it pound. What was happening to me?

"Ryan!" I shouted.


I took his hand and placed it on my chest. "Why is my heart not beating?" I said, scared.

Ryan had this 'oh-no' look on his face.

"What, what, what!" I said, impatiently.

"I think the energy in the star was too much for your human body." He said.

"What does that mean?"

"y-your dead." He said. What! What the hell did that mean, I'm no longer human? Oh my God.

I kept quiet for a while, what was I supposed to say? My tears started to speak for me. "So when the star dies, I die right?" I swallowed slowly

It took Ryan a while to answer the question.

"Ryan, if this star dies, do I also die?" I repeated.

"Yes" he said "But that's why Mellissa and I are here, we wouldn't let that happen to you Olivia."

"Thank you" I said.

      It was getting dark, so Ryan suggested that we go inside the house, Mellissa and Melanie were not back yet and I was worried. "I thought you said they would be early."

"Don't worry they're safe" He said "you need to rest."

"No I can't sleep, I want to see Melanie."

"If you say so."

   I was so unstable; I walked all around the kitchen like a maniac as Ryan made something for me to eat. "Calm down" he said so I took out a chair, and sat.

 "Why aren't they here? Its 10:24."

"Do you want me to go look for them?" he said

"And leave me hear, alone?"

"Don't worry, I wouldn't be long."

"I've heard that before."

"I'm serious" he said, already reaching for his jacket.

"Be careful" I muttered, as he went to the door.

"I will" he said and I was all alone.

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