Chapter 12

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I scanned the soldiers surrounding us and I sensed their hesitation. After seeing Eron die, none were eager to follow him. Instead, they growled, tense and twitching. It would take just one vampire to muster the courage to charge first. Then they would engulf us.

"Do you think we'll survive?" I asked Ryan.

"Probably not."

I sighed. "Story of my life."

"Don't worry. I'm here with you."

My checks felt as if they were about to explode, they turned at the sound of what Ryan said. In my head I calculated how many I could fight. Ryan clenched his jaw and I knew that he was calculating as well. This is it.

I locked eyes with one of the soldiers; he was barking at me, so I could see down his throat. He looked vicious. Spit flew from his mouth.You. I'm taking you first.

Amidst the ruckus, I heard something coming towards us from outside. The sound was far away but it felt like it was heading to our direction. It sounded so familiar. It was accompanied by tyres. Crashing into the ballroom were two Ferrari cars. When they settled in, two guys popped up from the roof of the two cars and started shooting at the vampires.

"Lucas?" Ryan said.

"Yeah, yeah...I'm back, now help yourselves and get out of here" the Lucas guy said to Ryan.

Lucas was extremely good looking. {But not as good looking as Ryan of cause.} When he turned his eyes from Ryan who at this point was so happy to see him, he looked at me examining me from head to toe. That kind of made me feel insecure and uncomfortable. His eyes were dark brown and fit him just well; I could see a smirk forming on his also perfect lips. I tried to look away but I was trapped in his gaze. He just looked so perfect. Come on Olivia, stop it. You like Ryan remember?

     Lucas looked away when he saw a vampire coming for him. Idiot you were meant to look away first, now he'll think you're a freak. You all must think I'm a fool and there's something wrong with me for choosing now of all times to be the right time to check out a perfectly good looking guy who is obviously Ryan's friend, well...I agree. I'm not sure what this is but I think its called stupidity.

I turned around and found out that Ryan was gone so I ran into the hallway outside the ballroom where I saw him with the whole crew. "Where is Melanie?" I asked.

"Where losing her Olivia" Mellissa said.

"No, no we can't...if we get out of here on time then we could save her."

"No, Olivia Lucas is still out there we can't just leave him."

"Fine you can stay here if you want to die I don't care, I'm not going to let the one thing that's so important to me, leave me" No, why did you say that Olivia?

Ryan looked at me in shock and amusement; I'm guessing he was surprised at my sudden change of mood. I looked back at him and was trapped in his beautiful green eyes; it felt better than when I stared at Lucas. But sadly I looked away to face Melanie.



4 minutes earlier

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