chapter 9

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"What do you mean they're gone? Did you search well?" Ryan said.

"Yes I did Ryan, I did."

"Try calling Melanie's phone, maybe they went for a walk"

"Ok" I said shivering.

Alex finally came out, he got Ryan's attention. Alex and Ryan started arguing so I went to see what was going on.

"Ryan she isn't picking up, I-" I said.

I went confused when I saw Mellissa.

"Are you kidding me right now?" I said.

"Alex; is it just me or are they surprised to me?" Mellissa whispered to him.

"Where is Melanie?"

"Uh, in her room"

"No she's not, I checked every corner of that room but I didn't find her"

"Did you check outside?"

"Why would she be outside?" I said.

"Don't worry I'll check" Ryan said.

"I'm coming with you" Alex said leaving behind.

They both left us and went out of the suite

"Let me see if I can use a locator spell to find her" Mellissa said.

"Yes that would be great"

I sat down while Mellissa did her chanting, for some reason I wanted to laugh. The way she pronounced all the Latin words was hilarious. She looked like she was in avatar mode, she didn't move at all. After a long while the boys came back, I went to open the door for them.

"Any luck?" I asked.

"No, sorry" Ryan said.

"Wait, are you saying Melanie is lost, I don't understand"

"Don't worry Olivia, everything would be fine"

"Are you sure? Because from the look of things you're telling me my sister is missing. How do you expect me to be fine?"

"Babe, calm down" he said. What!? Ok this is definitely not the right time but, did he just call me babe?

Mellissa snapped back to reality and gasped loudly. "I know where she is" she said.

  "What?" I said with my eyebrows furrowed.

"Guys we're going into the mountains. She's at the...monarchy."

"Oh no." Ryan and Alex said together.

The monarchy, I've heard of that before. My mind went back to last night when one the arroni soldiers said, you are the monarchy seeks. "Monarchy, what's that?" I asked.

"The monarchy is the name of the palace" Ryan said.

"What does that have to do with me?" I asked.

"I don't know Olivia, you ask too much questions" Ryan said.

"You guys we have to leave now" Mellissa said as she rushed us.


"How much further?" I asked, clinging to the side of a rock face.

"Stop asking that" they all said in frustration.

They were several feet above me and pebbles were tumbling down the escarpment, hitting me in the forehead.

"Grab that, hold there and swing up to this one" Ryan said. "Hurry, but be careful!"

When Mellissa said "into the mountains," she wasn't kidding . The climbing part wasn't difficult but the height made me queasy. "Remember don't look down" Mellissa said, as if reading my mind.

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