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The hours had passed by really fast, the sky was now bright and the birds were chirping. I had totally forgotten about Ryan who was still at that beach and I went to the dining room with Melanie instead, but when we got there I saw him setting the table.

He raised his head to look at us and said, "There you are, I've been looking all over for you."

I felt so bad for keeping things from him but if Ryan got to know about his father's evil deeds then he might lose his mind completely. I saw the way he looked at his father with so much joy evident in his eyes, he adored his father and I didn't want to break his heart.

The feeling of his hand on my skin brought me back to reality. "Olivia are okay?" he asked so innocently.

I couldn't let him know about it just yet, it still had to be a secret. I raised my hand to meet his and gulped, "I'm alright; Melanie wanted to see me last night so I went to meet her." I said as I took a deep breath.

Ryan tilted his head to side and looked closely at me; I think he couldn't tell I was hiding something. "Are you sure you're fine?" he asked which made me really uncomfortable.

I was becoming a little shaky, "Uhm... uh I-"

"Ryan everything's perfectly fine, chill out man I was just a little bored so I called her over." Melanie cut in.

With a long and silent sigh, I gave a tiny forced smile. "Mhmm" I nodded and strolled to the table before he let out another word.

It didn't take long before everyone started coming out of their rooms and I saw victor. It was irritating how he pretended to be so happy with his family, he was just too fake. "Can I have your attention please," he said before going on. "I just wanted to let you all know how happy I am to finally see my family together again."

Who did he think he was, how could a human do this to his family and his people. I just hope this works out.


Earlier today I couldn't help but watch victor like a hawk, I took note of his every move until Melanie called me.

"So you know exactly what do right?" Melanie asked for the umpteenth time and I gave a nod. "Good because we can't afford to make any mistakes, it could cost us our lives."

Although I hated hearing it, she was absolutely right. "Now you don't have to worry anymore okay, I'll just go get Elizabeth and tell her everything. I feel she's the only one that can help us." She added.

She couldn't notice it yet but I was scared, completely frightened. What if, like she said, the plans fail and we all died. I didn't want to die, neither did I want anyone to die. "So we wait?"

Melanie nodded and said, "Exactly."

I gave her a weak smile as I still thought of other ways to carry out this plan, other ways that couldn't cost me the man I love. "Do I really have to fight with him I mean come on."

With a sigh Melanie said, "Olivia I know it's going to be a little hard but you're a big girl, you can handle it."

"A little hard? It's going to be really hard. I won't be able to handle it." I gushed.

"Think is this as a way of protecting Ryan, if he finds out about his dad he'll be hurt and he might not even believe you."

Why didn't I think of that, Melanie was right. If I broke up with Ryan he'll feel hurt but if I told him about his father he'll feel worse than hurt, he'd feel betrayed and I couldn't let that happen to him. So I guess I had to let him go.

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