Chapter 25

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Chapter 25


I watched Olivia from the corner of my eyes, her face paled before she took a glance on Melanie. I fixed my gaze on Melanie only to find her already looking at Olivia. My eyes flickered between both of them before I realized something was up.

"Olivia," I said slowly still unsure. She peeled her eyes hesitantly from Melanie's to mine. "Did you know anything about this?"

She took another look at Melanie and then bad at me. "Well, I didn't know she was a psychic."

She knew, and she didn't tell anyone. I was a little bit pissed. "How could you, you should have told me." I got and scanned the room for a blanket or something, my eyes finally caught one blanket and I went to get it, using it to cover Melanie who was still freezing.

"Yeah you!" she spat, also getting up and folding her arms across her chest.

"Olivia" I warned with a light growl, this wasn't the time to start arguing.

"Don't even go there Ryan, Melanie told every single person except you. Why, because you were too busy sorting out your business.

As bad as it sounded it was totally true, I wasn't there being too busy with Sharon. I turned my head from Olivia to look at everyone else and then landed at the blonde haired foreseer. "How do we calm her down when she has a vision?"

She slowly paced round the room as she answered. "As strange as it seems, her visions come to life. I mean she practically witnesses it, so whatever happens to her in that state happens to her in the real world."

I look back at Melanie, still shivering. "Is that why she's shivering?"

She nodded. "Maybe a Devida touched her or something." Walking towards Melanie, the foreseer touched her forehead. "What's her name?"

"Melanie" Olivia and I simultaneously said. I looked at her and immediately our eyes met. Just staring into her eyes was awkward, but obviously she turned back to the foreseer.

"Get up" the foreseer said referring to Melanie who was lying on the long sofa.

Melanie does as she's told and walks behind the foreseer who is headed to a table at the centre of a crystal ball on it.

"Lock the doors" she said and I obeyed.

Getting the crystal ball ready, she said. "I'm going to find out if your friend has any sort of power."

"I thought you said she could see visions and stuff." Mellissa said.

"Yes I did say that, and I also said she's present in all her visions. She's not normal."

"What do you mean?" Mellissa continued.

As she sighed she said. "A psychic ability makes you know about the future, it allows you to see what's going to happen before it's even close to happening"

"I don't still understand"

"She is not normal, for all we know she might be seeing dead Devidas. Her aura is dark and dangerous, it's evil."

Something is not right about this woman, I just feel it. "She's not evil."

"You don't know that" she said. "See, don't get me wrong, I know when I can sense evil and it's coming from her."

Still mixing her potions together, she said. "I just need to find out if she has powers is all."

There is no way I'm letting this happen. Looking carefully at the blonde haired, I spotted black ink behind her neck and I went straight to her. I pulled her hair to the side not even caring if I was hurting her. My eyes widened and my jaw slightly dropped when I saw it.

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